Selectively disclose identity to interested and genuine parties, Compare and benchmark your business with 100s of private companies in your location from the same industry, Connect with businesses, investors, franchises, buyers and financial advisors across the globe. WordPress site by Miramedia. Promote your Company's Services in Africa for FREE, Search our Extensive Database to find Service Providers in Africa, Join us at AFSIC - Africa's Investment Event. Please refer to our Guidelines for advice on what information to provide in your submission. I registered on SMERGERS to raise funds for my network equipment business. Engaged in the design and manufacturing of gravi-metric filling machinery from 0.125 litres to 25 litres and a production capacity of up to 20 tons per hour. Successfully closed a deal with the 6th introduced. 13 thousand to It is a well laid out website and most of the investors I came across were genuinely interested in our business. businesses ● Profitable business with a fantastic opportunity for growth. taken to connect: 5 months. Looking for Africa's Best Investment Opportunities? We ask that you provide a some details regarding your investment criteria e.g. I was able to close a business loan deal with the 3rd investor. Register as an Investor to buy a business or invest in them. When you consider the investment opportunities offered by USA in 2020, you would have several options. These investors cover all spectra of the investment universe including venture capital, private equity and listed equity, debt instruments and African fund investors and have mandates covering all parts of the African continent. We will also send you regular reminders about your African Investments Dashboard proposition. For example, if you have selected Kenya as your only country of interest and Fintech as your only sector of interest you only be able to view all Fintech opportunities in Kenya. The buyer can opt to hire other professionals to conduct operations, Advanced Medical Equipment Wholesale + 14 more, Mathnasium, Established in 2003, 1012 Franchisees, Los Angeles Headquartered. Please register if you have not done so before by by clicking the red African Investments Dashboard button above – then click on the register link, then add your details marking your objective as “I want to invest in Africa”. Besides that, the business has 3 suppliers for electronics. I will highly recommend this platform. - We also have a kitchen that is rented out to a food & beverage company that acts as an additional revenue stream for the business. Coincidentally, one of them even happened to be a German business. You can find businesses looking for full sale, raising capital through an investment or seeking business loan. ● Excellent reputation with a mix of repeat and new clients. Copyright © 2020 SMERGERS Online Services Private Limited. Founded in 2009, we have expanded the center by subletting portions of the facility to other international health professionals including nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, pilates instructors, and kinesiologists. These advisors are ready to work with a wide spectrum of businesses irrespective of size, caliber and growth stage. From March to September, we organize and conduct all the events. Business valuation is process whereby a fair value of a company is arrived at using one or more of the valuation methodologies. Time I am going be back again for my cryptology company that needs an investor to move forward! At SMERGERS, we define Business Valuation as a technique used to capture the true value of a business based on similar comparable companies. We have an active Facebook page with 4,000+ likes. ● Each room is light and bright with glass doors and balconies. Before investing, build an emergency savings fund to see you through six months of expenses, if possible. Initially, it took a bit of time to start receiving introductions, but I’m glad I was finally able to close the deal with someone. - Complete production is usually outsourced to 5 other sub-contractors. EUR It was seamless, as I connected with the Business owner and within two interactions understood the potential growth of the company and went ahead with the investment. Adding a project seeking investment, or registering as an investor to search the Dashboard for new investment opportunities is quick and easy and FREE. taken to connect: 1 year. I had posted a business for sale on SMERGERS which was difficult to find a buyer for otherwise due to the size of the deal. Successfully closed a deal with the 2nd 40 million, Every business, investor, buyer and advisor profile on SMERGERS is pre-screened by our analysts, Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. - Our business is seasonal. There is no charge to add yourself to our African Investments Dashboard. Overall experience was very good, had very good discussions with quite a few potential investors. investor introduced. taken to connect: 11 days. If you select Algeria as your only country of interest and do not have a sector preference then you will be able to view all Algerian opportunities in all sectors. We are involved in event management related activities for events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, as well as corporate conferences, incentives, product launches & general celebrations. Their portal is very good with all features. We needed investment for marketing and promotions so we registered on Oct 2019 by creating our profile. While the investors registered on the Dashboard are considered by us to be highly professional we cannot control what these third parties do with the information that they can access on the African Investments Dashboard.