Carry a garlic clove for safe passage. They have separate arrows. And CANDIED made me think of Terry Southern's Candy, which is hilarious. @sf27shirley 736am Thanks for your help, but that's actually my (apparently muddled) point. He may therefore cease to exist soon. )*The number only appears up top once you've begun scrolling a little bit. Anyway. I have two copies. His mother. Kilnar. Not a big fan of the puzzle today, either, but any puzzle that gives a shout-out to "Harold and MAUDE" is OK in my book.And then there's this: toe pick. I fear he may have inadvertently killed his grandparents and burnt down their homes. Provided a decent hour of distraction from the state of the world, topped now by worry that the enormous wildfire (now the biggest in Colorado’s history) that has been raging uncontained for months in the beautiful western part of our county could actually reach Fort Collins. Here are my own contributions. From the rest of the write-up I don't think he had one with this puzzle. Still finished in average Sunday time, slightly more than 2x @Rex. Your Max MP has increased! Got your theme contributions on my own, @Lewis! Fortunately, didn't need to share racks on our ship. Garlic is used along with a stake and a hammer to kill Count Draynor, a level 34 vampyre, at the end of the Vampyre Slayer quest. harstaff weeject picks: Most of the 36 are actually pretty darn respectable. Interns and residents may sleep there overnight when they're on call, but they don't live there.I don't want to get too far into the weeds, but did Zeno of ELEA actually teach? @Joe Dipinto you read that wrong, Rex owns Harold and Harold. Can not remember swearing at a puzzle as much as this one. I dug deeper and found it! Started to type in “Le Petit Prance”, but realized it wouldn’t fit. A few days ago I started a Mag’har Orc Warrior having finally unlocked them as an Allied Race. Olympic (or professional) water sports athletes – yes. Is it right in the paper or elsewhere? Pretty impressive to have two puzzles published in the NY Times after constructing for just one year. Two paint colors, really? Too stale, and the puns were too obvious. It would be great if they made a sequel to it. What a mediocre puzzle, still fail to see if there even is a theme at all.I can't get my crosswords published but this cuts the proverbial MUSTARD? It's been OSSO Bucco weather lately and now I'ma hafta make some! @A Moderator - It may have been a teaser, but both those pangrams are part of today’s SB. Prints? On this issue put me firmly on Team @John X. Jean-Luc Picard: "I. ), Maybe Tazug is ambitious and considers himself a good leader…, What a good idea! Stop gossip. Pi Day has nothing to do with PIE. An English language newspaper should have an English language crossword. This isn’t something I really imagine him being overly interested in, although perhaps being slightly superstitious is not beyond the realms of possibility. You can have it right away, but for some reason it always tastes better reheated the second day. That sounds too cool, From one Draenei to an orc; if you want to wear an eyepatch, why not? Sauté in olive oil and butter until browned well on all sides. I thought it was just some perennial SB puzzle the NYT uses to lure schnooks into signing up for a subscription. My opinion on SPEEDOS is that most people who wear them…shouldn’t. @Frantic - Help! I must admit I don't get the Little PRINTS pun. It's always been my thought that adolescent boys could be taught to read better with those old porno novels. My writeovers: I CAN before I MAY at 36D made that section tough going and kept me from picking up on the very nice YAWNS clue. Z,Wanna see a film filmmakers acclaim? Mostly the sort who used to smoke clove cigarettes and misquote Sartre. Seems ok by m&e.All themers are punny title versions of literary works. Six risen corpses, two orcs and four elves. EUROPE. You don't remember that novel titled JAT SUSSE ESHER? and it worked. > eat a clove of garlic and brazenly charge at the zombies You run towards the zombies, swinging your knife like a bat. My current thinking is he might have reacted really badly to the pollen on Azeroth and sneezed his left eye out. Please. I see "One of six parked on the moon", not four. This means I am trying to imagine the world as he would likely experience it, developing a picture of this strange place called Azeroth. Someone named "Bob T" came up with all three answers on the Wordplay blog in less than a half hour:). Don't get the title at I appreciate the changed recapcha. You've got big shoes to fill, Rexites. Title Basin' from Title Basing? I finally figured out “Title/Tidal” part, but what does the theme have to do with “basin(g)”? Then add red wine, water, and/or broth until about half-way up the shanks. Frankly, I could agree on a shallower level with most of his criticisms, but I'll spare all y'all that at least. But life got busy and we missed that (large) window last year and decided to plant our garlic in the spring. I had to resort to google to figure it out. Director’s cry...AND scene? I also used to be 6’4” and 160 lbs. Trim and peel your red onion and garlic. Blechh. Got us a healthy litter of 36 weejects [3-letter pups] today, f'rinstance. What Rex said.“We are not amused,” said the print-says..Happy Sunday! Sometimes it seems to me like newer constructors rely too much on PPP for the fill, fill that I don't know. [Guide] So you want to be Bleeding Hollow. @bocamp 921am Well, that title explanation does nothing for me, except learning that it came from Erik Agard says something. koopa for 1A, kumar for 6A. This time I just had to yell "I am a human being!" @Jeff in Ann Arbor: Firefox, like a deer, is also a browser. Just a comment about Rex's book cover. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. And, sorry to tell you, but your EXTERN/ROVER/FLAN mind travels mirrored mine exactly. It Came From Erik Agard in 3D, coming to a theater near you. As in "Life is a cabaret, OLD CHUM..." Remember that?And I learned two interesting things in this puzzle. Thought it was a fun and easier than normal Sunday. Fun on a Sunday.Diana, Lady-in-waiting for Tuesday? Z,I have been to film school. And while We should all be forgiven for our Hal Ashby phase, Mr. Ashby’s reputation has faded badly the last couple of years. ), one of the sharp teeth in the front part of a figure-skating blade. Totally agree. Pop Sensation — Vintage Paperbacks and Other Cultural Detritus. The app counts it as a continuation of a streak - but how about people here? An exploding star is a supernova. But the clue for 90A didn't do anything for me.Miriam Estrin, congrats on your solo puzzle debut. Then all you have to do is figure out how to scroll through them, since the Deb's column (or Caitlin's) scrolls separately from the comments section. Hang garlic over a sick person’s bed to stop fever dreams and drive away dark thinking. You know, the one where a Bleeding Hollow orc sacrifices their eye to see the way they die? Any advice for people who know a lot more about this stuff than me would be greatly appreciated. I mean, who cares what you think or John X? (I assume it’s Tidal Basin vs. Seven. With hardly any adverse conse-quincunxes. Thank you for pointing it out. One of them stumbles backwards, but the others keep coming. ), "TENDER IS THE KNIGHT" (30A: F. Scott Fitzgerald's chivalric tale? I did like the clue for SPEEDOS. I'll try it soon. I am aware thru our blog that our mighty @Muse darlin is part of that ongoin struggle, in West Va., right now. And SPEEDOS are perhaps tight, but not necessarily small. I picked the skin which I thought looked coolest without knowing much about it. He’ll be influenced by being Bleeding Hollow of course, but having been born into the united clans of Draenor he’ll probably have a different perspective than MU or earlier AU Bleeding Hollow might have done. Deer (forest grazer:doe) are not grazers, they’re browsers. @anon6:10 - It is “call to re-serve” as in to serve again in tennis, when the Chair Umpire calls LET. "Hot desk" made more sense than "hit desk", and Bob was my uncle. Liked it more than @Rex did, but he makes some good points. Only saving grace was that it was over quickly. I liked the puzzle's sweetness, from the kitchen's PIE and CANDIED to the love-stricken KNIGHT and JULIUS to the aw-cuteness of THE LITTLE PRINTS. I'll provide the answers much, much later today, though I doubt they'll be needed. Really wanted ODEON, but didn't go with my wrong EtnA(!?) @Frantic 2:44While I agree with you on the missing e in TEHEE, there's a defense for that spelling: if you put the syllable break between the first E and the H, making the first syllable TE, it's an open syllable (not "closed" by having a consonant at the end), giving the pronunciation a "long" e sound. Scroll down a few lines*, then look up at the upper right hand corner. Blood in the snow. Also, there's an Indian rover, but it crashed. The lack of something more unifying than “books” does make this feel a little light, especially for a Sunday.