IMUNA partners with international and regional organizations that promote education and international dialogue, as well as collegiate and university educational institutions. Created by John Papoudos. Wednesday 16th October - This momentous occasion began with inspiring, introductory words from Headteacher, Mr. Amos and Assistant Headteacher, Ms Lonsdale.

MUN has a long pedigree with over 400 conferences taking part worldwide, and JCC being the first institution to offer MUN exclusively for college students. Dr. Jeffrey SachsSpecial Adviser to UN Secretary-General António Guterres on the SDGs. +++ MUN-SH unter Covid-19 Bedingungen +++ MUN-SH 2021 wird vom 4. bis 7. Just a reminder that there's still time to register for our Virtual Open Evening on Tuesday 17th November. On the Death of Gandhi - Jawaharlal Nehru, 15. The UN is a vital global institution. By role-playing meetings like the Security Council and General Assembly, participants get a unique insight into how the United Nations works. Experience 21st-century Model UN. It’s no coincidence that US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, former World Court Justice Stephen M Schwebel, Samuel Jackson and Chelsea Clinton, were all involved in Model United Nations in their youth. The organization actively builds and supports a network of international practitioners and organizations in a community of excellence, utilizing expert resources to identify new improvements and innovations in global issues education. The third resolution, threat of ISIS and similar terrorist cells on International safety and security resulting in the formation of ATO, was submitted by Iraq, Egypt, Singapore, Sri Lanka and UK. The Battle of Long Island - George Washington, 43.

It is a great pleasure to welcome everyone to NYC and to NHSMUN. Another huge thank you to our research team, Euan Worth and James Stone, our professional photographer, Kevin Whibley, The Gulshan Restaurant, our technology team and local MP Mr Ranil Jayawardena.

Climate Change (Severn Cullis-Suzuki), 70. That’s my main message to you here this evening. After several amendments, the resolution was passed. Clara Sousa. International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Day for the Elimination of Violence against women. This year we proudly welcomed a special guest, Liberal Democrat politician and member of the House of Lords, Susan Garden, to officially open the weekend.

Are Aliens Already Watching us? This resolution was passed with further discussion.

IMUNA supports the next generation of globally-minded leaders by facilitating cross-cultural debate, equipping learners with the academic and social skills necessary to solve some of the world’s most pressing international issues.

All participant fees will be refunded. IMUNA conferences teach students to cultivate excellent communication and decision-making skills by leveraging the power of compromise, consensus, and cooperation. Resolution four, questioning upon Climate Change and Carbon Emissions from the Economic Financial and Environmental committee calls upon Member States to commit to reducing air pollution by imposing higher taxation on drivers of vehicles with combustion engines.

A huge thank you needs to be said to our security team for helping the 2019 MUN event run smoothly. Gay Freedom Day Parade Speech - Harvey Milk, 9. We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations around the world. Democratic National Convention - Barack Obama, 26. The UK also proposed that schools have a responsibility to educate young people about consequences of gang violence.

The delegates then separated into their assigned committee rooms: Disarmament and International Security, Economic Financial and Environmental, Social Humanitarian and Cultural. It’s great fun, giving you the opportunity to meet new people. IMUNA's programming builds upon classroom skills — providing students with the means and confidence to be effective agents for global change. The city of Cambridge has a rich academic and cultural history. 4:30 pm Brainiac MUN. Below are the top five questions we get asked about MUN. Every year, more than 400,000 people from primary schools, secondary schools, universities, and beyond take part in a Model United Nations (MUN). The UN strives every day to promote peace and security, uphold human rights, and tackle the world’s most pressing crises. Please email us at if you are interested in working with us! Veto Speech (Security Council) - Nikki Haley, 71. The resolution was passed. We need you. Because if they did, this world would be the happiest place in the universe. The final resolution of the General Assembly questioned the Improvement of Gender Equality in the workplace, submitted by Singapore.

MUN is a tool that you are free to use and adapt to your circumstances.