I like your second option better: take a step back, give him space, and let him figure out how to get healthy. Instead, use language that validates their feelings. I am inexperienced with depression, I thought he was in more passive side, but giving his tough time last few years, I always try to cheer him up…I just realized now, he have been always depressed, but last 4-5 months became more deep, he always tell me that he felt he is loser… ( he used have a success business in mortgage business), and he felt guilty that he cannot be a loving and caring BF last few months, not interesting with intimacy in our relationship… I felt depression have made him not able to see the future with his life and with me… maybe I am wrong,… I have been put his needs beofre me for some time, as I know he has stresssful time, maybe he has take me for greanted?…, Despite I was sad and disappoint his decision, I sent a nice and encourage email back to him, told him that I accept to move on, and be a friend with him, he wrote back and thanks me be so supportive, and happy I want be a friend with him and will talk with me soon.. Miss me…, Now I am wondering, do you think there are hopes BTW us, I really hope we able to be back together soon, but now we are not talk with each other, as I want to give him space, also to give some space to myself… do you think he want to back to me when he feel better, should I be friend with him now? Will I like him? Good luck Samantha. I am in a sad maybe hopeless situation right now with my boyfriend of 11 years. My Doctor Prescribed Daily HIIT Exercises for My Depression. Take him to the hospital. Thanks. But his depression discolors everything. It's always better in this situation to say something rather than not acknowledge their illness, but what if you can never find the right words? He is very intelligent and I love him more than anything. One useful tool to get to the root of lingering negative feelings — and…, From worsening anxiety to making depression more likely, sugar is harmful to your mental health. Most campuses have a counseling office or peer counselors. He is seeing a doctor, and he’s taking meds for his bipolar, but he still has symptoms. My friend's parents are fighting every day a home. When i see him at work he had a constant worried and stressed look. Thanks again.. Your boyfriend needs some real medical help. So I confronted him so he could release some of the anger and stressed that he bottles up and I guess I made things worse.. Depression hurts. Everything was fine until 3mo ago, we have little misunderstanding, that he told me that he is not sure of our relationship, need some space to figure out his life, and he have made appointment with his therapist want to figure out something as well, and a week later, he told me it is not about me, he was stress out and need figure out with his career direction and life in general… I know he is not happy about his life, as he have some tough times last 4-5 years, even he have a comfortable life, but few big things happened to his life (such as survived cancer, ex GF left, and lost his business) …then last year in Feb his rental house got flooded, it was very stressful to him, and until now still dealing with insurance company….spend lot time and money… As I was finishing up and about to leave, he insisted that we talk. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This will help ease your own discomfort, your own feelings of “my boyfriend’s dad died and I don’t know what to do” or “my boyfriend’s mom is sick and dying.” Here’s what a She Blossoms reader said on Dealing With Guilty Feelings When Your Mom Dies : “My boyfriend’s mom died almost a month ago and he is not able to cope with the death or his mother’s things yet. Tell her that you are here for her, that she can always count on you, and that if she ever needs anything that she can ask you. So the last straw which made me feel completely horrible was when I sent him a text message – it was basically a ‘come over tonight and let’s have fun’ kind of message but more explicit than my description of course! May god guide all of us through our rough storms. Read this article to understand what it really feels…, It can be difficult to spot someone with high-functioning depression. Be careful for the shakiness of his physical behavior as that is a sign of manic. FIRST: Accept the reality that only HE can heal himself, not you (though you certainly can help!). Laurie. It’s good to get the boyfriend’s perspective. Tell him you’re available if he needs to talk, and let him approach you. All the time and that has stopped, he has lost weight, he doesnt really eat much. This depression is a slow death because it strangles your very essence as a partner. He was never treated so well before, but he thinks I deserve better. first identification then vehicle and it simply is going on and on. He just said I’m beyond pissed that when I’m at my worst I nag and don’t give him space but he never communicatea this with me. I had no choice, i need to know what’s going on. He still has the same job that he’s had for 9 years and he doesn’t have the drive to find a better job or to go back to school. Neither way of being in a relationship is “right” or “wrong.” You’re just different. Any thoughts or suggestions would be more then greatly appreciated..thank u for listening to my rambling! For the former, you and his friends and relatives CAN be of great help; boosting his self-esteem, letting him know you care and reassuring him that things will get better. After all, that’s what a relationship is for, right? The more I think about all the things I do to help him ‘ease’ his burden and just in general give him space and be ‘sweet’ or whatever, the more I think I don’t deserve this neglectful behaviour. These natural remedies for SAD or seasonal depression disorder are from Dr George Pratt. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can offer some objective feedback. I think you and I became to close to the problem that they weren’t ready to face themselves. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. if I keep this up he is going to be forced to leave me and find someone who can make him feel better. He ignores me, he won’t talk to me and he thinks that there is no point on hanging out because he is just so down he doesn’t care about anything. The breakup has to be clean, or it will mess up both your lives even more. but he has depression and he won’t take medicine or get professional help. Those are huge red flags and warning signals that need to be heeded! If your boyfriend is depressed, he won’t necessarily walk around crying or being glum and sad. I’m not going to make the dean’s list this time, that’s for sure! Touch lightly if you need to talk. What do we need to do as a team to get through this rotten downswing? I told him I would love him through this but it is way bigger than me! It was just dinner, nothing was going to happen that i did not allow, and I was tired and a little hung over from my girls night so taking a break was probably a good idea. This all happened during my mid semester finals and i had not think anything through, before i know it i was living with my boyfriend. How to Help When Your Boyfriend is Depressed, 10 Ways to Ease Foot Pain Caused by Bunions, How Do You Cope With a Pet’s Death? I told him that I felt his depression was the core of our issues & other issues in his life, along with ADD, which his kids also have. He has fallen out with his dad recently and his dad has kicked him out of his house, and his business is not as good. A year ago he was cheating on me, partly I blamed myself since I was the one pushing him to go n ad find another girl. Depending on where disease is showing on the CT scan, he may or may not require Iodine treatments, surgery may be all that is required to remove the diseased parts. Depressed men may have trouble expressing their emotions especially those with very high ego’s. I’m recently having to deal with this issue. He always só busy or to tired to talk on phone .. I hope it helps – let me know what you think! We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs with life in general but for the most part have had a healthy, happy relationship.