Find out all you need to know! Gross earnings for the 12 months immediately prior to confinement/commencement of maternity payments. Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service. For everyday healthy living advice and services information. My friend works for NHS Scotland and is currently on a fixed term contract She wants to start trying for a baby in the next 2 years, but was wondering if she gets a permanent NHS job after being on FTC will her FTC go towards her continued service so she can get NHS maternity pay? NHS NSS is the common name for the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service. Find out more about our NSS Strategy 2019 to 2024. Around 3,000 colleagues across NHS Lothian have developed Our Values, a set of common values and ways of working Bullying and Harassment (Dignity at Work), Conduct (Disciplinary Policy and Procedure), Employment of Statutory Registered Professionals, Temporary Promotion to a Higher Pay Band - Guidance for Managers, Human Resources and Organisational Development Service Directory, Staff security information - UK threat level. The purpose of the maternity leave policy is to detail the eligibility of employees to receive occupational NHS maternity pay. Please see attached documentation detailing the information. More information on the single Scottish Scheme. Lothian NHS Board Waverleygate 2-4 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3EG Main Switchboard: 0131 242 1000 Application Process for Doctors and Dentists in Training. The policy also details the ability to return to work during maternity leave for KIT (Keeping in Touch) days if you would like to do so and the obligations on the employer to ensure an appropriate risk assessment is carried out to ensure your health and safety when pregnant and on your return. ​The Citizen's Advice Bureau in Scotland is there to support you and signpost you to the right resources to help you get on top of your finances. Already working with us? Reference: FOI-2019-000212 | Who to contact if you think you might be going into labour or have concerns? Press Office, latest news and media resources. A role we also extend to the wider public sector. The policy details the eligibility criteria for the occupational scheme and the application process. NHS occupational maternity pay (OMP) Eligibility: Employees must have 12 months’ continuous service with the NHS by the eleventh week before the expected week of childbirth (EWC) and: Intend to return to work in the NHS for a minimum of 3 months. Board Members, meetings and reports and finances. Search/View all of our locations and facilities. To qualify for NHS maternity in full you typically need to: Be employed directly by the NHS and not subject to the Doctors and Dentists Review Board Your average weekly earnings between the 16th and 24th week of pregnancy have been at least equal to the Lower Earnings Limit (£120 per week before tax)