', Billy Graham packed Wembley Stadium in 1955 when 120,000 people went to hear him speak. It doesn't just affect me. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. But Graham said today his lawyers were fighting back claiming the venues had breached contracts and had discriminated against him because of his religious beliefs. Billy Graham visited the UK several times and during his 'crusades' of Britain. 'In light of this, we can no longer reconcile the balance between freedom of speech and the divisive impact this event is having in our city. If we will repent and believe on the name of his son, Jesus Christ, we will be forgiven.'. He said: 'This is a religious freedom issue and it's also a free speech issue. It's a freedom of religion issue and also a free speech issue. On Thursday, Franklin is set to pray at the Republican National Convention — just like Billy has done in the past — stepping up to the podium after the former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has spoken. Today he issued an apology but still insisted that homosexuality was a sin. He wrote: 'It is said by some that I coming to the UK to bring hateful speech to your community. Graham claimed the LGBT community were threatening free speech. Some of the venues that we will probably book will be actually larger venues than we had previously. Nicole Pomarico is an entertainment and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in Cosmo, Us Weekly, Refinery29, and more. He also remains unrepentant on his 'homophobic' views and even claimed that the Queen would agree with him. Christian singer Cliff Richard was a fan (pictured left with Graham at Crystal Palace athletics stadium in south London in 1989) and he also met Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street in 1989 (right), Billy Graham, who died in 2018, visited the UK several times. More than two years after Evangelist preacher Billy Graham's death, his son, Franklin Graham, is taking his father's lead. 'The Bible says that every human being is guilty of sin and in need of forgiveness and cleansing. This is just not true. Franklin leads Samaritan's Purse, a nonprofit organization that seeks to "meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love." Details About The New White House Press Secretary's Personal Life & Career, A post shared by Franklin Graham (@franklin_graham) on Jul 14, 2020 at 8:51pm PDT. Play it now. He continued by saying he thinks the 'rub' is over 'whether God defines homosexuality as a sin'. Graham's father, evangelist Billy Graham, died in 2018 aged 99. Those who work with Samaritan's Purse go to areas of the world that are in crisis to provide aid, and the organization is also responsible for programs throughout the year including Operation Christmas Child and other ministries. RELATED: Meet Navajo Nation VP And RNC Speaker Myron Lizer. Billy Graham's US evangelical preacher son Franklin vows to sue British arenas that cancelled tour over his opposition to gay marriage. Because of this, all seven venues ended up pulling out of the tour and he was forced to reschedule, though he hasn't done so yet. He told Premier Christian News: 'I believe the Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman. Franklin has been married to Jane Cunningham since 1974. 'People who use these words like homophobic or Islamophobic - I'm not sure what those terms even are. Through the organizations he leads he has been instrumental in helping people impacted by crises including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, civil war in Sudan and natural disasters ranging from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to earthquakes in Japan, Haiti and China.". "He also offers Biblical context and application to current national and world events. The ACC in Liverpool said last month that Graham had made a 'number of statements which we consider to be incompatible with our values. He visited the UK several times and during his 'crusades' of Britain from 1954 to 1989, he regularly filled out sporting arenas including Wembley Stadium. 'He met presidents and preachers, poor and the rich, face to... Schools put police-style body cameras on TEACHERS in an... Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. Details About The New White House Press Secretary's Personal Life & Career, A post shared by Franklin Graham (@franklin_graham), now the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocation, 13 Subtle Signs Of Cheating You Probably Would Never Suspect, 8 Unromantic (But Real) Signs You've Found The Love Of Your Life, How Tall Is Barron Trump? Chairman of Joint Chiefs Mark Milley gives pointed message after Trump ousted Pentagon's top civilians, Kayleigh McEnany appears on Hannity for third night in a row waving MORE affidavits and claiming election fraud - as Pennsylvania judge rules that a small number of ballots be tossed, Joe Biden will stop building Trump's wall as soon as he is sworn in but will leave barrier intact - meaning president built just 12 miles of entirely new fencing, Top DHS official behind website debunking election misinformation says he is about to be fired - after directly contradicting a Trump tweet, Give new QAnon-supporting members of Congress 'an opportunity' says top House Republican Kevin McCarthy - as one of them turns up for orientation and finally puts on a mask, Cindy McCain says Joe Biden has won Arizona and calls Trump campaign's plan to challenge results with lawsuits 'frivolous and unfounded'. That's the Church of England's position. Franklin is best known for being an Evangelist Christian, just like his father was — or the kind of Christian whose purpose is to convert others to Christianity. Cissie, who is now 34 years old, has always been outspoken in her support of Trump, and she spoke at the convention on topics similar to what her family has always believed in, like their faith, freedom of religion, and the arguments against abortion. 'We are being denied because of religious beliefs and our faith. Facts About Donald Trump's Youngest Son, You Can Find Out If Someone's A Narcissist By Asking One Question, Meet Navajo Nation VP And RNC Speaker Myron Lizer, his seven-city United Kingdom tour was canceled, Who Is Kim Reynolds' Husband? 'We have attorneys trying to get the venues to reverse their decisions. But I would certainly apologise if there was someone who's afraid or hurt because of something that they think I have said. We certainly have a legal position we're standing on.'. Everything To Know About Kevin Reynolds. He said: 'We've certainly talked to other venues and many of them have indicated it wouldn't be an issue with them. 'I'm here to say that God loves you. Franklin made headlines back in February, when his seven-city United Kingdom tour was canceled after petitions emerged asking the venues not to allow Franklin to speak there because of his transphobic, homophobic, and Islamaphobic views. Between their children, Franklin and Jane have 12 grandchildren, and they currently live in Boone, North Carolina. 'I hold firm to my religious beliefs and to be discriminated against because of those religious beliefs - we need to be very careful and protect what we can.'. 'I think Her Majesty the Queen, that's her position and it's the position of the Church, pretty much worldwide. Franklin has always been involved with his father's business, but he is now the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocation. 'We have informed the organizers of the event that the booking will no longer be fulfilled.'. Members of the LGBT community had petitioned the venues and local political leaders urging them to stop him from speaking. God is willing to forgive sin. He's more than just a preacher's son, though it does seem like he's modeling his life after his dad's in many ways. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. He told the Guardian: 'We had contracts signed and, in some cases, deposits paid. Graham responded with an open letter to the 'UK LGBTQ community' on Facebook. Published: 05:30 EST, 8 February 2020 | Updated: 07:14 EST, 8 February 2020, Franklin Graham, 67, says homosexuality is a sin and opposes gay marriage. RELATED: Who Is Kim Reynolds' Husband? The ACC Liverpool conference centre was the first to cancel one of his planned events saying last month that his views were 'incompatible' with their values and the Sheffield Arena followed soon after. Franklin Graham, 67, a vocal supporter of US President, Donald Trump, describes homosexuality as a 'sin' and is in favour of 'gay conversion therapy'. This is what the Bible teaches and that's what I believe.'. Graham, who was due to … After the Liverpool cancellation last month he posted an open letter to the LGBT community on Facebook, saying 'we are all sinners' and denied he was bringing hate speech to Britain. Here's what to know about him before he catches everyone's attention at the RNC. He said: 'I don't know what they've heard or what they've experienced but I would certainly apologise to anyone who feels that I am against them, or hates them. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. RELATED: Is Kayleigh McEnany Married? I haven't broken any laws. He added: 'It's one of our most cherished freedoms so I would certainly encourage people to push back and to guard and protect your right to free speech and then also for our religious beliefs. 'If a small group of people can force a cancellation of an event where thousands of Christians are participating, I think there is no question about the danger in the future to others.'. On Tuesday night, Cissie Graham took the stage at the RNC. Everything To Know About Kevin Reynolds. The ACC Liverpool said it had been made aware of a 'number of statements' which Graham has made which they 'consider to be incompatible' with their ethical values. The comments below have been moderated in advance. But God goes even further than that, to say that we are all sinners, myself included. 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