Meet the founders behind the hottest new brands. Technically a fruit, it’s high in fiber and beta carotene, adding a health kick to our creamy (and non-dairy) recipe. The products are designed to deliver a boost of functional ingredients that support nutrition and wellness, and speak to today's consumers' desire for healthier, sustainable and plant-forward food choices that still meet their expectation of indulgence. National Account Manager - Blake's Hard Cider Co. Florida State Manager - Elegance Brands Inc, Gerber Finance Funds Recapitalization of Designer Protein, Debbas Gourmet Launches A’cappella Chocolates, Elite Sweets Receives Tech Backing from a16z, St. Benoit Creamery Expands Distribution of New Organic Desserts, Plant-Based Snack Company CompletEats Rebrands as Love + Chew Brands, ESI Nutrition Evolving to Become Laïta Nutrition, Red River Commodities Announces Suntein Sunflower Protein, Unioncrate Hires CPG Veteran Kunal Kohli as Director of Business Development, Pharmactive Biotech Introduces New Botanical Complex For Cold and Flu Immune Support, 11/19 - Sponsored: Building the Brand S1E2: The Art + Science of Building a Novel Food Brand, 11/24 - Sponsored: Building the Brand S1E3: Episode #3: Building an In-Be"Tween" Brand, 12/01 - Sponsored: Building the Brand Round Table Event, NOSH: FREE ACCESS TO SUBSCRIBER-ONLY CONTENT. Peekaboo Ice Cream is super premium, organic dairy ice cream with hidden veggies you cannot see or taste! The taste is brilliant and their mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of the best flavors on their menu. The simple things in life are often the best. "We are aiming to disrupt indulgent foods and make them better for you. Yes, we think those words warrant all capital letters. A sunset, a glass of cold water, playing a kazoo, reading copy on a product website. Food and beverage industry job board powered by NOSH / BevNET. They are now rolling out a new line-up that will soon include their much-anticipated plant-based non-dairy varieties. (f) 305-527-7162. The company is on a mission to help families create a healthier relationship with food by taking the bribery out of dinnertime, as well as provide a more palatable solution to the eternal parenting challenge: feeling good about what you feed your kids. Indulge better with this ice cream, a good source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Riboflavin and Phosphorus. More than 150 winners across 49 categories were selected in the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and New Product categories. The five flavors currently on the market are: For more information about Peekaboo Ice Cream, ordering online and finding the nearest retailer, visit and find them on social media @EatPeekaboo. Peekaboo Ice Cream is certified organic, kosher and gluten free and available in traditional favorites such as Vanilla (with hidden zucchini), Chocolate (with hidden cauliflower), Strawberry (with hidden carrots), Mint Chip (with hidden spinach); and unique flavors such as Cotton Candy (with hidden beet). Surfside, Also named in this issue are the winners of the 2020 sofi Awards. Our annual buyers guide to natural snack food products, Classified ads from service providers and suppliers, On-demand video education on running a food business, Thank you to our 1200+ charter subscribers, Learn how to grow your business with NOSH, Submit a nomination for our annual awards, Submit your brand/product to our database, Hidden Veggie Ice Cream Brand Peekaboo Introduces Its Newest Assortment, High Road Acquires Three Twins Plant, Plans for Expansion, Cece’s Shifts Manufacturing Strategy to Grow Beyond Noodles, Building the Brand S1E1: Beyond a Necessity: How eComm Strategies Can Work Hard to Build a Brand, View the November and December Content Calendar, How Gail Becker Stays Connected to the Natural Food Community. digital edition. After receiving rave reviews from both kids and adults alike, the company was born. Our mission is to blur the line between vice and virtue." 980 likes. 2021 Winter Fancy Food Show Refund Center, For more information on Peekaboo, contact or visit "As a certified B Corp., we are honored to partner with Kroger as we share its commitment to sustainability and social accountability," says Jessica Levison, founder and C.E.O.