From new favorites like brownies and muffins to classics like yellow and chocolate cake, these delicious recipes will make your tummy smile without sabotaging your health goals. Keto mug cakes are fast becoming the answer to all my problems.. ok well maybe not all of them…. She also has various tips about making the perfect mug cake. Does the Keto Diet Treat Depression? They can even be allowed to make their own (with supervision)! This recipe would be perfect if you are having a busy day and just need a chocolate hit but without the added carbs. You don’t need to give up your favorite foods or sweet treats, you simply need to make a few swaps in ingredients. Whether you’re baking something up for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or a friendly potluck, there’s something special about incorporating pumpkin into your dish. Sometimes a chocolate craving hits and you need something fast. 39 Easy Keto Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie Recipe. It’s super elegant - a lemony cake topped with an almond frosting and some sliced almonds. In a ceramic mug, microwave coconut oil until melted, about 20 seconds. I prefer using almond milk for this recipe but you can choose your favorite among other plant-based milks. To make these treats, you’ll need to make sure you have microwave-safe mugs. Kim // Low Carb Maven. When my kids saw it they couldn’t wait to try it as they are obsessed with strong colors! It’s been used for hundreds of years in Eastern medicine as a cold and digestive remedy. While the sugary glaze provides a nice complement. Lighter coconut milks are strained, being stripped of some of the nutrients from the healthy fats. This mug cake has a ton of fat and a pretty decent amount of protein. ZonePerfect Keto* Mug Cake Mix is a delicious no bake mug cake packed with protein to help keep you feeling fuller, longer. These keto mug cakes are so delicious. This is a super easy one. Keto mug cakes are great for portion control. In a large mug, whisk together the eggs, coconut milk and nut butter until well combined. You really won’t feel like you’re even on a diet when you taste the gooey deliciousness of the chocolate center! Each serving contains 27g of fat, 8.2 net carbs and 13g of protein, which is a much better breakdown than you’d find in treats like Starbucks’ pumpkin spice bread — which has 15g of fat, 58g of carbs, 38g of sugar and 6g of protein, if you’re wondering[, On the other hand, red velvet is one of those flavors best enjoyed year-round and thanks to. When you’re in need of a little treat, this keto Nutella mug cake is the only answer! To snag all that goodness, this recipe calls for scraping high quality vanilla beans (not vanilla extract) so you can see all those delicious vanilla flecks in the final cooked version and within each bite. low carb marshmallows which you can buy here. As you probably already know.. there’s always a good excuse to make keto mug cakes… whether it’s a breakfast mug cake for when you have a busy day or as a luxury after-dinner dessert… or even as a sweet treat in the evenings when those sugar cravings hit. But make no mistake — while you may be able to fit these mug cakes within your macros, it’s not a habit you should get used to. You guys!!! One of the best ingredients to cook with is full fat coconut milk. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Now, for this pumpkin spice keto mug cake, you won’t be using any frosting. After all, they say “Calories in, Calories out”. Pair this with a cup of coffee and you’ll get a wonderful end-of-meal treat. Ingredients: almond flour, coconut flour, Swerve or sweetener of choice, unflavored gelatin powder, baking powder, sea salt, butter or coconut oil, lemon juice, lemon extract, egg. Perfect for a nice date night. Tag @perfectketo on Instagram and hashtag it #perfectketo, Vegan Keto Dinners Vegan Keto Breakfast Recipes Vegan Dessert Recipes The Takeaway Is following a ketogenic diet while being vegan possible? Since the beginning of time, peanut butter and jelly have made the perfect combo. It’s also pretty delicious. If you look at the nutrition facts, you’ll see this keto mug cake recipe contains 9 grams of protein, 15 grams of fat and only around 6 grams of net carbs. If you click or tap any of the links above, it will instantly take you to the recipe below. The options seem endless, but peanut butter balls are one of the easiest and most tasty, Jump to recipe The incredible combo of peanut butter flavor mixed with chocolate is what makes peanut butter cups so delicious — so why not try it in a different format? With only 4g carbs you can be sure this won’t kick you out of ketosis! We will not share or sell your personal information. You can use almond flour instead without affecting the texture too much. You’ll feel pretty good eating this pecan pie mug cake. This post may contain affiliate links. So, you can satisfy your cravings as soon as they start. Exogenous ketones are energy molecules (ketones) produced outside of your body (exo). It doesn’t get any better than this! It also comes with a macro breakdown that won’t eat up most of your daily budget. For coffee lovers everywhere this cake will be everything you ever dreamed of from a keto mug cake & more… with only 5g of carbs per serving this cake will keep you in ketosis & make you feel like you’re eating a luxury dessert… win!!! The content in this website is not medical advice and it’s intended for informational and educational purposes only. is similar to the chocolate one just before it. In this round-up, you’ll get the highlights of the most delicious high-fat, high-protein, Jump to recipe Fall desserts bring a sense of nostalgia and comfort. So, to keep it keto, you use low carb marshmallows which you can buy here. Instead of making a cake with flour, sugar and melted butter, you’ll use a keto-friendly sweetener and low carb flour (while many recipes call for almond flour, you’ll use coconut in this one). The calorific value of these is quite high, so don’t be tempted to over-indulge if you are watching your weight! Here is another quick and easy recipe that uses green tea as the main flavoring. Great for date night, or frankly, any night at all. So dunk in some coffee or tea and enjoy the breakfast of champions. Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is grown in Southeast Asia. To keep it keto, you’ll need coconut flour as well as almond flour. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. A brownie that is rich and chocolatey, yet still low carb and delicious. , which you can top with a dollop of whipped cream. Many stores stock almond flour but if you prefer to buy online, you can get some easily here. Easy to make, our mug cakes are keto-friendly and come in two amazing flavors-Chocolate Fudge and Zesty Lemon. This is the first time you can eat an entire cake and not feel guilty about it. We had plenty of room at the top so I think a 12 oz mug would have worked great too!