The parallel and wide grips help reduce wrist and elbows strain. However, pull-ups are not actually hard to do, you can start off by doing a few and work your way up. The connection is firm and safe. The answer to this is a pull-up bar! Made for door frames between 100cm to 120cm.

Travel-friendly, lightweight, and offers a comfortable grip.

- A standalone pull-up frame or tower with a stable base that can manage weight and regular upper body exercises. This type is non-attachable and it’s designed with heavy and durable metal, giving the absolute stability necessary to support your body weight. Chin up Bars from Gymsportz .
Wall/Ceiling - Pull up bars are mounted onto either surface, thus they are sturdier and more secure.

Doorway pull-up bars, or also referred to as telescopic bars, extend and wedge between the uprights of a door frame.

The Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar features reversible dual-position risers. - Perfect for home gyms. It’s huge and might take up space. It’s similar to the ceiling mounted type but the joists are in the walls instead.

We offer everything from economical pull up bars to commercial grade pull up bars here. This has more stability compared to the door pull up bar because it attaches to the studs, ensuring a secure attachment to the ceiling. The answer to this is a pull-up bar! Wall installation design.2.

Most models can endure a capacity of 136kg, while some can support greater weight than that. Simply twist the bar and secure it onto the door with the rubber grips at the sides (up to 100kg). Able to take up to... (Instock) Light Weight Mini Dumbbell Female Dumbbells, (Instock) Commercial grade Pull up / Dip bar. Suitable for those who have a spacious home. Start Browsing Now. No recently viewed products. Definitely Value for money.2.

Portable - Can be disassembled into a compact size for easy storage.

A customer gave this feedback: “I set my bar up in a door jamb with just the gel pads initially for stretching 1 shoulder area. Sizes: 121cm*78cm*81cmCan load up to 200kg.... Reason to get this Premium Door Pull Up Bar:1. Multi-Purpose Fitness Station If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, pull up bars are lifesavers. Most pull up bars can support a maximum of 300 pounds and some even have a capacity of 600 pounds. Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Pull Up Bar, 2. It also has grip angles (usually seen on commercial gyms) that’ll allow more natural hand positions during your exercise routines. - Pull up bars are mounted onto either surface, thus they are sturdier and more secure. Suffice it to say, pull-ups are an effective strength-building exercise any muscle builder can do at home. OneTwoFit Multi-Function Power Tower, OCBC 360 VS UOB One: A Guide to These Savings Accounts, 5 Options for Best Rubbish Chute Repair in Singapore, The 5 Shops for Best Soundproof Windows in Singapore, The 5 Options for the Best Shower Screens in Singapore, The 5 Options for Best Rodent Control in Singapore, POSB Invest Saver vs OCBC Blue Chip: A Guide to These Regular Savings Plans, Heavy-duty door mounts: 300 lbs / 136kg (recommended).
Enhanced your gripping Strength.3. T2P Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Gym Pull Up Bar Wall Mount Easy Installation Long Lasting Long Bar Exercise Bar Fitness Workout Home Gym, Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Fitness Body Training Equipment Workout Door Way Home, US Wall Mount Pull up Bar Chin Home Indoor Gym Exercise Equipment Upper, Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Chin Pull Up Bar Exercise Workout Fitness Gym Home, Silver / Black Pull Up Bar On The Door Home Fitness Equipment Horizontal Bar, Indoor Fitness Door Frame Multi Functional Pull Up Bar Wall Horizontal Bar, Remember those times when we were little, we used to play with the monkey bar at playgrounds? With this model, you can do several exercises for your back, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, and abdomen.

The bar is very sturdy for what I need and possibly more once my arm/shoulder gets stronger. Usually shaped in two handles, for example, the Duonamic Eleviia. We offer everything from economical pull up bars to commercial grade pull up bars here. This will help secure your grip and reduce hand fatigue. The lack of arms strength often prevents us from doing multiple pull-ups or even one successful attempt.