Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. No words. Now how could we possibly know all of that considering that Maximus is a horse? Ooooooo, Mickey’s in trouuuuuuubbbllllle. Sometimes, words can’t do a situation justice. Many of these characters (such as Dumbo and Beaker) are capable of making other noises but cannot properly speak. Disney has a rich history of including speechless characters in its movies starting with the company's very first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He switches sides when he realizes that the job he was on wasn’t the right path for him, and eventually jumps off of a roof to save Flynn because it was the right thing to do. He eventually helps Mushu defeat the film’s villain, Shan Yu (Miguel Ferrer), by firing a missile directly at the Emperor’s Palace. And that scene when Rapunzel makes him a dress and he just looks like he wants to jump out of the tower but he won’t because he loves Rapunzel? Since comics and books are inaudible, their voices there are up to the imagination of the readers. Chuckie Finster. It usually says things like “Pocahontas, are you serious?” or “John … It usually says things like “Pocahontas, are you serious?” or “John Smith, gimme those biscuits.” Breaking news: Meeko is the best, find out why. Throughout Peter Pan’s brisk running time, the Crocodile pursues Captain Hook with a vengeance that’s nothing short of tenacious—with Hook finally defeated as the Crocodile chases him away from Neverland. The expression on his face is pretty much a thesis for exactly what is wrong in the Tremaine household: a misplaced feeling of entitlement on the part of the Lady and stepsisters! Clover (All Hail King Julien) Mr. Tweedy. Characters who do not speak at all, or have very little dialogue. Though Abu and Magic Carpet sometimes quarrel, they both loyally serve Aladdin. Maximus might be a horse, but he also totally has Rapunzel’s back and keeps Flynn in his place. It’s not until he becomes friends with a scrappy mouse named Timothy that Dumbo begins to come out of his shell. Maximus eventually has a change of heart after realizing that Flynn is truly in love with Rapunzel. Because he’s emotive! So the next time you come across a real-life shy guy, take a minute to say hey. Since then, the studio has continued this tradition by offering up one indelible silent character after another in its animated features, many of whom rank as the most popular characters in their respective films. For other example, Molly Davis does not speak in Toy Story or Toy Story 2 as a baby, but she speaks in Toy Story 3 as a kid. That’s a surprised owl face if ever we’ve seen one. Cri-Kee ('Mulan') A sidekick to a sidekick, Cri-Kee is the tiny purple cricket that accompanies Mushu … But she kind of has a point: poor Tink just wants things to stay how they are, we’ve all been there. Not only does Dumbo have no lines in his self-titled film, he also literally renders us speechless because of #1 his cuteness, and #2 how sad he is in this scene. He has been a member of the Online Film Critics Society since 2002. Hook’s only warning that the Crocodile is approaching is the ominous tick-tock sound of the alarm clock in the Crocodile's belly. Meeko. In some cases, these characters have spoken lines in certain movies or shows, but never spoke at all in other movies. Dopey ('Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'), The Top 10 Most Dastardly Disney Villains of All Time, Disney's Animated Classic Children's Movies of the 1930s and 1940s, Top 5 Evil Stepmothers in Animated Movies, 10 Classic Princess Movies to Delight Kids, Classic Disney Animated Movies of the 1950s, Biography of Walt Disney, Animator and Film Producer. He seems like an in-the-know wisecracker, and that’s why we like him. The Crocodile has been hunting Captain Hook ever since Peter Pan fed him Hook’s left hand. It should be noted that some of these characters may have already had speaking roles in comics and storybooks. In fact, Maximus ultimately plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Flynn and Rapunzel live happily ever after as he saves Flynn from being executed for his crimes. Despite having a loud, feisty gorilla and an adventuresome jungle man for best friends, Tantor the elephant is pretty wallflower-y. When a new stranger from the other side of the world gets too close for comfort, Meeko is like “new BFF!”, Pocahontas is all curious, and Flit is like “NO, BAD IDEA, RUN AWAY.” And we know this from the look on his beak. Sometimes, words actually CAN do a situation justice, but the character in question doesn’t have the ability to speak because it’s a hummingbird or cricket or something. Look at those faces. Maximus is the smart, tenacious horse that makes it his life’s mission to track down and capture Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi). If you’re going to dance around the forest alone without any shoes on, make sure you have clutch woodland creatures like Aurora had.