Check the top ledge of the soundwell (where the cone rests) for lacquer drips or glue residue that may keep the cone from seating. The nut Ideally the spider will only contact the surface at the tips of the spider's legs. If you tune on Open E you will be tuning the strings a full step higher than standard tuning. Another brand to check out is the Rogue brand, which is an upgradable model, with a great tone. Then place the cone on top of the inserted soundwell, to cover the plate and spider, after which you attach the tailpiece to the pin on the strap and insert the bridge. Currently, Peterson Connect is only available within the Google Chrome browser. When not practicing, listen to other experienced resonator guitar players. Plug in your Peterson device with a ( micro or mini ) USB cable. Read more and discuss the specifics of tuning Dobro® & Resonator Guitar. However, you can play the resonator guitar in the conventional sense by reducing the height of the strings, which is like a cross between a banjo and standard guitar. Measure .225" from the center of the tension screw to get the spacing for the two middle strings. Measure .225" from the center of the tension screw to get the spacing for the two middle strings. Because of the fretless nature of resophonic guitars, it is possible to vastly improve the interval tuning using pure or “half tempered” instead of Equal Tempered tuning. It may be necessary to put a small piece of foam rubber under the tailpiece if it rattles against the coverplate. Dean resonators are often lauded for their quality. ( Log Out /  Also, if you are familiar with the banjo, you’ll find that the Dobro resonator guitar uses an Open G tuning, similar to the banjo. Mark the locations of the string slots and proceed to the next step. If the slots in the biscuit are too deep or wide, carefully remove the saddle from the biscuit and make a new saddle. Also, because there is a metal bar above the bridge, it makes palm-muting impossible. Typically, the bottom of the string will be .005"-.020" above the first fret. I forgot this information in the video. Now you’re ready to start playing. Pluck the string, followed by an open 1st string. A Resonator Guitar is tuned and played much like a standard guitar, with a few key differences depending. If the slots in the biscuit are too deep or wide, carefully remove the saddle from the biscuit and make a new saddle. The strings are not “fretted”, rather they are stopped with the use of a metal tone bar (Stevens Bar). It is also possible to add pickups and resonator cones to these guitars. Stunning results! Blues players like a full metal body and bluegrass players prefer wooden bodies. There are many combinations possible; single resonators with sound holes featuring screens or without screens, are sometimes used to improve bass response. Usually, your OS will play a sound upon connecting. Common open tunings for resonator guitars, from the low string to the high string, are Open E: E-B-E-G#-B-D, Open G: D-G-D-G-B-D and Open D: D-A-D-F#-A-D. Place the spider on a flat surface, such as the table of a drill press or table saw, and tap the tips of the legs. Make a small mark on the edge of the cone, pointing toward the tailpiece for reference. The cigar box guitar uses an empty cigar box as a resonator. You may want to consider one of the many replacement cones that are currently available, if the existing cone is damaged. Resophonic guitar strings installed on square neck guitars are typically tuned in open tunings to facilitate slide playing, since these instruments are almost always played flat on the lap like a lap steel. Whatever you buy, probably the most crucial part is the cone, and how everything is set up because the body, whether round or square neck, is just the box. Pedal tuner/DI combo for Reso on stage, exclusive DB0/DBH presets, footswitch mute for quick and silent tuning between songs plus built-in mute-able pro-quality active DI with 0-10-20dB attenuation. Some pros attach the biscuit to the cone with a thin bead of glue. The interaction between soundwell, cone, spider bridge and saddle are very important. For StroboStomp HD, be sure to disconnect instrument cable from the input. Some coverplates have a lip on the underside of the armrest around the access hole for the adjustment screw. Many modern guitarists are playing outside of the box with alternate tunings, action levels, and various slides to accommodate their music genre. The saddle on the biscuit should be slotted and shaped in the same manner as a spider-bridge saddle.