Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” is a metaphor-filled classic that never fails to bring tears to our eyes. / I don’t know when / But we’ll get together then / You know we’ll have a good time then,” and we’re forced to think of our own lives, before and after graduation, and the daunting grip of time. Before American Idol champion Kris Allen made this song a hit in the US, the Irish band the Script recorded the original version. We want to hear from you! As graduation season looms, it’s often helpful for grads (and their loving parents) to look to graduation songs for help with all the feelings that come with commencement, both beautiful and bittersweet. Although drive-in movies and comic books may seem antiquated now, there is a timelessness to the words of Chicago’s “Old Days.” Looking out into the audience at graduation, we see the “funny faces full of love and laughter” and remember our own “good days” and the “world gone away.”. Though much of graduation season is soundtracked by the Pomp and Circumstance Marches, the stuffy layer of tradition is occasionally punctured by pop hits that strike the right emotional chord. With a diploma in one hand, and tissues in the other, we can’t help but get emotional when we hear these twenty songs college graduation songs! The words speak of a new day in which you learn to live and love again. Here are the Best Graduation Songs for 2020. As we turn the pages, graduation closes just one great chapter in the story of our lives. It was a top 5 alternative hit in 2003, but extensive use of the song in TV, movies, and video games has helped keep it among the most memorable of Foo Fighters songs. Batchmate songs. As we make our way towards graduation, there are many “places [we] remember” and “lovers and friends” that made the journey worthwhile. You may not remember, but this uplifting jewel of a song was written for and appeared on the soundtrack of the 1996 film "Space Jam." Reminding us of what we have and haven’t yet done, each unique version of “These Days” has the ability to move us to tears. These are great sentiments to communicate to a new graduate. 10 Signs Of Drug Addiction My Parents Missed, The Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala has consistently proven themselves in the field of emotion (which is why they have one of the best college graduation songs). The Grown and Flown Book is for you! Over the past few decades, a select number of songs have captured the proper feelings of pride, nostalgia, excitement and sadness that accompany such a rite of passage. Use it to kick off your graduation celebration. For most high school and college seniors, it’s graduation season. Graduation is just the first step into a world of the unknown. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. This is definitely one of the best college graduation songs! If there’s any song that epitomizes the feelings we have as we near graduation, it’s “Rivers and Roads” by the Seattle folk band, The Head and the Heart. Off their 2015 album Currents, “Yes I’m Changing” is a perfect soundtrack to the days surrounding graduation. Want more Rolling Stone? This makes it perfect for honoring the feeling of personal strength and readiness to take on the world after graduation. It’s hard not to reflect on your own days and nights with friends as you listen to the lines “So many adventures given up today / So many songs we forgot to play.” Is there any way to stay “Forever Young” once we graduate? Bruno Mars – Today My Life Begins. Owl City's big breakthrough hit "Fireflies" simply celebrates the power and joy in fantasies and fantastical thinking. That powerful reminder is particularly appropriate when celebrating graduations. Fear of losing the friends that helped us make it this point is one of the dark sides of graduation. Songs for all the graduates and those who achieved their dreams in life! The song ends with the haunting lines, “When you coming home, son? If you happen to be using your graduation slideshow at a party, this is the time for intimate dancing and a few tears. Also, such a great song to rock out to, just as a side note. It is a call to live with purpose and let loved ones know how important they are. With the majority of this track’s lyrics a repetition of the title, we’re bombarded with thoughts of our own memories. This one is pure fun. 10 Ways to Make Your Ramen Noodles Superior, Best Ways To Keep On Schedule When You’re Stuck At Home, 8 Best Study Tips To Keep You On Track This School Year, Ways To Make Your Vision Board A Part Of Your Decor, How To Decorate When You Live With Roommates, “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day, “To Build A Home” by the Cinematic Orchestra, “Only Memories Remain” by My Morning Jacket. The sense of an ending combined with nostalgia can often be too much—but, thankfully, many talented artists have parsed out these complicated feelings with the poetry of lyrics.