Also is Jojoba a good carrier or are there better ones out there? At first, it was only small, thin hairs like you get with Rogaine. Interessting and informational as always If you disagree (or agree), make your voice heard below. The problem is that minoxidil comes with a number of potential side effects. In this post, while endeavoring to remain as neutral as possible in spite of my stated bias, I’m going to compare the two hair loss remedies based on five factors: price, ease of use, aesthetics/feel, effectiveness, and side effects. Hey Birgit – yes. Thanks for the updates. There are a few readers currently brush-tapping nightly and applying a rosemary / peppermint blend into their scalps. Although you didn’t do the article itself on peppermint, because of the similarity to rosemary, do you think it is worthwhile to use peppermint tincture on a regular basis or is it necessary to take breaks for a month sometimes? Fibrosis (scar formation) is one of the biggest roadblocks to successfully treating pattern hair loss. Most results are even noticable until after 6 months and sometimes even longer! And since the triggers of chronic scalp inflammation are elusive, the best way we currently know how to do this is to reduce the proteins and enzymes involved in the pro-inflammatory process. But IMHO there is no “magic oil” that will re-grow hair – at least not the kind of substantial growth that we all dream about (recovering our adolescent hairline). I always avoided DHT blockers in hair products for fear it would get absorbed into the rest of the body through scalp and black DHT everywhere and cause feminization side effects. He writes regularly about the science behind hair loss (and hair growth). 2) Hypothyroidism If you’re into a more natural route, massaging, dermarolling, and naturally-derived oral / topical 5-AR inhibitors might be a better route, though at the same time, these treatments are less studied. I think it will probably take a couple bottles with consistent use to know if this will start reactivating my miniaturized hair follicles. In addition to these, shortness of breath, swelling in the mouth (tongue, lips and so on), tightening of the chest, dizziness, fainting, weight gain, and swelling of the hands and feet are all listed as potential side effects of the drug. It’s a great question. A subset of mice were then treated with topical rosemary leaf extract to see if it would have any impact on the rate at which their hair regrew. The short answer is: maybe! Thanks Rob. 2. Before I get started with this review, I have a confession to make. A scalp with fibrosis will prevent topicals from doing any magic to a good effect. We hope you will consider supporting this website and helping to preserve the knowledge of natural therapeutics for future generations. Together, cytokines and the COX-2 enzymes (via prostaglandins) help control how many inflammatory cells actually arrive at an injury site. Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Alopecia: A Comprehensive Review. Fortunately, with regular daily use of Hair Growth Serum and Scalp Stimulator, my hair slowly grows back. I have also had high prolactin levels in some blood samples and normal in some others so they can not determine if I have hormone problems. A Single-Centre, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Minoxidil Topical Foam in Frontotemporal and Vertex Androgenetic Alopecia in Men. My recommendations are all typically catered around someone’s comfortability with drugs versus “natural” treatments, topicals, supplements, and the time they’d like to commit toward hair restoration. I know it’s a lot of different oils, but can I add rosemarry and peppermint oil. A lot of natural / herbal extracts have type II 5-alpha reductase inhibiting properties. soon after you apply this serum to the affected areas of the scalp; Henry Tianus is a multi-award-winning Anti-Ageing Scientist based in London, UK. The dermaroller is making holes in the epidermis leading to MUCH greater absorption of the vasodilator topical. Great Article,with solid consideration of the stats, which most people tend to forego, when considering research. I know we’ve been emailing each other and in your last email you were excited about progress. The reality is that if you really don’t care about taking drugs, the best combination is likely going to be massage + minoxidil + finasteride + dermarolling. Have you tried also taking zinc and/or a multivitamin alongside T3 or Thyroxine? However at lower doses, the polyphenols/flavanoids may exhibit greater influence, thus supporting an anti-inflammatory role. The other explanation could be what you suggest, that Rosemary oil is quite volatile and needs a carrier oil to improve absorption. Hi Rob, So I’m biased and I think minoxidil is ultimately a better hair loss treatment option, but nevertheless, Rosemary oil has some benefits too. My hair was thin to begin with and now even thinner and it does cause depression. I always thought essential oils was too strong for direct skin contact and a carrier should be used. People experimenting with 100% essential oils have reported shedding — myself included. Just wondering if there are any benefits (or even toxicity issues) to using surgical spirit. 4) SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) I am about 4 months into the rosemary + coconut oil (1:4) & weekly 1.5mm dermarolling experiment. Rosemary oil tested against Minoxidil. You can’t ever let the idea that you are fighting a losing battle get in your head. It all depends on what you’ve tried before, what’s worked / hasn’t, and what you’re comfortable with taking / not taking. What’s more, the rosemary oil-treated group reported significantly less scalp itching after 6 months in comparison to 2% minoxidil. The garlic contains a lot of sulfer which increase the blood circulation so that the hairs grow better. These mice had their dorsal areas shaved and were treated with testosterone (a precursor of DHT) in order to interrupt hair regrowth. Dihydrotestosterone is the androgen hormone that causes the hair follicles in some men and women to stop growing hair. Production of SOD declines as we age. Does it only block or decrease the DHT in the scalp and no where else? Well, a 5.7% increase in hair count is modest… but appreciable. Just keep in mind that going vegan by itself doesn’t necessarily mean eating healthily. The reason why: rosemary oil by itself is a bandaid to the underlying causes of hair loss, while rosemary oil + massaging likely remodels the skin — removing excess collagen, and creating a scalp environment that encourages the recovery of hair even once you stop both treatments. At the same time, we can’t necessarily say that microneedling and massaging elicit the same sort of inflammatory responses. Its been 9 months since and I have experienced thickening of my hair with good texture . I’m so happy that I managed to stop using any shampoo almost three weeks ago – I don’t want to risk a relapse by putting oil onto my scalp. But he took it a step further… He also combined these massages with the application of rosemary oil. Researchers highlighted one before-after photo for each group. This is one of your nice post and really informative. I’ve been reading like I said on diff things I could take or do. It feels very good ! I’ve already seen a doc and I’ve been told it’s hereditary and they’ve put me on some meds, but it can only do so much. Hi F — I’m very sorry to hear about your frustrations. In terms of dermarolling + minoxidil or dermarolling + rosemary being lifelong treatments — this has yet to be determined. Apply more nightly and less daily? I’m glad to hear the great news about both being on the right track and that the intensity won’t hinder the progress. This is more or less unavoidable. Bit more bounce to it. Unfortunately, it seems that minoxidil’s effectiveness wanes over time. And while there are serious misconceptions about DHT’s role in hair loss, most evidence suggests that increased scalp tissue DHT precedes hair follicle miniaturization and contributes to hair thinning and baldness. I often want to die. But if you’re going to apply both rosemary and minoxidil, stick to 2x per day for minoxidil no matter what. So I wouldn’t worry too much. After experimenting with everything for about 1.5 years, my current regiment is Eternagrow ( which contains Rosemary) and minoxdil 5% and i have recovered quite a bit of my hair and I am still seeing slow but gradual regrowth on my crown area. Should the Rogaine\diluted-Rosemary solution be applied twice daily? And fortunately for us, these specific compounds within rosemary oil have a variety of pro-hair effects. Thanks Brian. This website contains no third-party ads, no sponsored articles, no irritating pop-ups, and no automatically running videos. I’m thinking that lack of blood flow isn’t the issue there. And then based on those results, I typically recommend introducing certain supplements and topicals to address whatever findings from those tests, and some supplements / topicals that might work synergistically with the mechanical stimulation. The reports of the researches done on the oils I listed above seem to be more extensive and elaborate than the rosemary experiment summary but nevertheless all were done on mice except nigella sativa oil experiment. Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, studies showed that colloidal gold can penetrate deeper into the skin and acts as a carrier for other active ingredients to improve the efficacy of the skincare products. – I usually disinfect my derma roller with surgical spirit (iso propyl alcohol) before and after use. Peppermint and rosemary are from the same family and therefore share some of the same volatile acids. But maybe it contributed. I formulated these products to solve my own hereditary hair loss problems. Maybe I’m imagining it but I feel little hairs on the hairline growing but maybe its just miniaturisation but I could have sworn I have a new hair! 1) 4oz of emu oil (as a carrier) The success of a topical vasodilator with dermarolling does not imply the same result with the topical plus massaging. Do you think i should stop massage and rosemarry oil or should continue for some time to see postive results and the current shedding is temporary? You should still be able to use hair fibers during (and after) the implementation of this regimen. and on the day of 1.5mm can we apply tropical & mechanical stimulation or should skip that day and start next day or day after again with 0.25mm & mechanical stimulation? San Francisco, CA 94119. Hi Rob, I wonder wether stress and / or hormone imbalance can render detumesance and topical lotions, perhaps even diet, useless if severe enough.