of Halifax, on a branch of the Intercolonial railway. 106. Immediately on the‘ formation of the Canadian Pacific railway company branch lines were begun at Winnipeg and there are eight radial lines running from this centre to all parts of the country. Under the unnatural stimulus of these extra ordinary events, every branch of industry extended with unexampled rapidity. The country is traversed throughout by the Rajputana railway, with its Malwa branch in the south, and diverging to Agra and Delhi in the north. He was sitting on the seat the old prince used to like to sit on, and beside him strips of bast were hanging on the broken and withered branch of a magnolia. She swiped at a branch that snaked in front of her. From it there is a little-used branch (the Cromford canal) to Matlock. If you want to see the manager, you'll have to go to our main branch, which is downtown. Branch sentence examples. below Reni, touching it with its Kilia branch. The prosperity of the town has been revived in modern times by the establishment by the railway company of a branch line from Sittingbourne in connexion with a service of mail and passenger steamers to Flushing (Holland), which run twice daily. The other branch of their race had been Tartar nomads. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The dorsal branch sends a blind twig into each of the diverticula of the dorsal mantle-sinus, the ventral branch supplies the nephridia and neighbouring parts before reaching the ventral lobe of the mantle. to Sadya, with a branch to the Buri Dihing river at the foot of the Patkoi range. How to use branch in a sentence. (broken, fallen) " She works for the company's regional branch. Lankester as a branch of the Cephalopoda, chiefly on account of the protrusible suckerbearing processes at the anterior end of Pneumonoderma. The primary power of the executive branch rests with the president, who chooses his vice president, and his Cabinet members who head the respective departments. Singular Nonbinary ‘They’: Is it ‘they are’ or ‘they is’? 4. According to the doctrine of separation of powers, the U.S. A branch mint of the United States was established in 1837 at Charlotte. of Morelia on a branch of the Mexican National, which also passes through the mining town of Angangueo (9115) in the same district; and Tacambaro (5070), 46 m. "HERBERT CLARK HOOVER (1874-), American mining engineer and public official, was born of Quaker parentage on a farm at West Branch, Ia., Aug. Buying up the stock of the Missouri Pacific he built up, by means of consolidations, reorganizations, and the construction of branch lines, the "Gould System" of railways in the south-western states. Examples of branch in a sentence: 1. With him the line ended, but a younger branch was seated at Eaton Socon, Beds., where the earthworks of their castle remain, and held their barony there into the 14th century. King Antigonus is said to have had a branch of the true frankincense tree sent to him. This is due as much to the inspiriting teachings of Ritter and Humboldt as to the general culture and scientific training combined with technical skill commanded by the men who more especially devote themselves to this branch of geography, which elsewhere is too frequently allowed to fall into the hands of mere mechanics. Finally, he broke through the thatch of branches and leaves blocking most of the sun. A, branch bearing male cones, reduced; B, single male cone, enlarged; C, single stamen, enlarged. from Hull by a branch of the North Eastern railway. She rubbed the lumpy scar on her arm, her attention caught by the sight of a jaguar dropping from a tree branch to the edge of the park and the forest a short distance away. The Guaira river, a branch of the Tuy, traverses the plain from west to east, and flows past the city on the south. Carmen tossed the towel on a branch, kicked off her sandals and walked down the creek to the rope swing. of Exeter, on a branch of the Great Western railway. division of the Ural-Altaic family, and forms, along with Ostiak and Vogul, the Ugric branch of that division. Aurillac is the seat of a prefect, and its public institutions include tribunals of first instance and of commerce, a chamber of commerce, a lycee, training-colleges and a branch of the Bank of France.. In this arrangement, instead of the circuit being made through the jacks in series, each jack is connected to an independent branch from the main circuit. The grant finally came into the possession of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, and in 1746 a stone was erected at the source of the north branch of the Potomac to mark the western limit of the grant. When the king bestowed upon the tanners or weavers or any other body of artisans the right to have a gild, they secured the monopoly of working and trading in their branch of industry. The main action is communicated on the left and all other elements spin off to the RIGHT. from Merv, with a branch to Tashkent (220 m.). The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The Executive Branch . Language The Magyar or Hungarian language belongs to the northern or Finno-Ugric (q.v.) It was situated on a branch of the Via Caecilia. The tree lowered a branch to him, and he wrapped his arms around it. An outgrowth of new shoots on a branch. Which makes it, in addition to its other virtues, worth our attention. A branch of this canal called Uj Csatorna or New Channel, extends from Kis-Sztapar, a few miles below Zombor, to Ujvidek, opposite Petervarad. have constructed branch railways at their own cost, the first of which was extended in 1901 to Hyderabad in Sind. The revenue in the Italian financial year 1905-1906 (July I, 1905 to June 30, 1906) was 102,486,108, and the expenditure 99,945,253, or, subtracting the partite di giro, 99,684,121 and 97,143,266, leaving a surplus of 2,54o,855.f The surplus was made up by contributions from every branch of the effective revenue, except the contributions and repayments from local authorities. He made himself master of practically every branch of medieval learning, and had a thorough knowledge of the sources and the bibliography of his subject. 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1, 14th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1, Middle English, from Anglo-French branche, from Late Latin branca paw. She had thirteen children - Frederick Henry, drgwned at sea in 1629; Charles Louis, elector palatine, whose daughter married Philip, duke of Orleans, and became the ancestress of the elder and Roman Catholic branch of the royal family of England; Elizabeth, abbess and friend of Descartes; Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice, who died unmarried; Louisa, abbess; Edward, who married Anne de Gonzaga, "princesse palatine," and had children; Henrietta Maria, who married Count Sigismund Ragotzki but died childless; Philip and Charlotte, who died childless; Sophia, who married Ernest Augustus, elector of Hanover, and was mother of George I. The Corbieres, a branch of the Pyrenees, run in a south-west and north-east direction along the southern district. The Glamorganshire canal, opened in 1794, runs from Cardiff to Merthyr Tydfil, with a branch to Aberdare. Delivered to your inbox! The left branch is appreciably noticed near Odessa and the north-west corner; the right branch sweeps past the Crimea, strikes the Caucasian shore (where it comes to the surface running across, but not into, the south-east corner of the Black Sea), and finally disperses flowing westwards along the northern coast of Asia Minor between Cape Jason and 1 The early Greek navigators gave it the epithet of axenus, i.e. The main railway from Belgrade to Constantinople skirts the Maritza and Ergene valleys, and there is an important branch line down the Maritza valley to Dedeagatch, and thence coastwise to Salonica. It is the terminus of a branch line (85 m.) from the St Petersburg & Moscow railway, and is the centre of a large transit trade between Orel, Kaluga and Smolensk and the ports of St Petersburg and Riga. 5. It is served by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis, the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, the Cincinnati Northern (New York Central system), and a branch of the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern (Pennsylvania system) railways. from York by a branch of the North Eastern railway. This is the other branch of natural necessity. Every lineal descendant, over eighteen years of age, of any passenger of the "Mayflower" is eligible to membership. You are offline. High quality example sentences with “wide range of branches” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. That there is no essential difference between the two is, however, shown by the facts that the seeds of the peach will produce nectarines, and vice versa, and that it is not very uncommon, though still exceptional, to see peaches and nectarines on the same branch, and fruits which combine in themselves the characteristics of both nectarines and peaches. The Herold Institute, a branch of the Borough Polytechnic, Southwark, is devoted to instruction in connexion with the leather trade. I count 57 words without a subject and verb. (1886); "Report of Geological Exploration of Shores of Lake Baikal," in Zapiski of East Siberian Branch of Russ. English Language Learners Definition of branch (Entry 2 of 2), See the full definition for branch in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for branch, Nglish: Translation of branch for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of branch for Arabic Speakers, Britannica.com: Encyclopedia article about branch. It sounded like an explosion in the sky. (regional, central, local, overseas, foreign) The intelligence branch of the Canadian department of military defence is publishing since 1904 topographical maps on scales of 1:63,366 and 1:126,730, with contours. Ten minutes of walking later, she crouched beneath the lowest branch of a massive pine tree and inched her way to the scene. 4to, Paris, 1799) contains methods for calculating the movements of translation and rotation of the heavenly bodies, for determining their figures, and resolving tidal problems; the second, especially dedicated to the improvement of tables, exhibits in the third and fourth volumes (1802 and 1805) the application of these formulae; while a fifth volume, published in three instalments, 1823-1825, comprises the results of Laplace's latest researches, together with a valuable history of progress in each separate branch of his subject. I would put it this way: a loose or right-branching sentence places more attention on what is being described; a periodic or left-branching sentence calls more attention to the description, and to the craft of the writer. From the remote township of his birth, however, the branch of the family to which the philosopher belonged transferred itself soon afterwards to Naples, so that, like his predecessor Vico, Benedetto Croce may be correctly described as a Neapolitan. With effort, Deidre hauled herself up onto a branch, wrapped her legs around it in a careful balancing act then stretched upward for the next. Podolia is traversed by a railway which runs parallel to the Dniester, from Lemberg to Odessa, and has two branch lines, to Kiev (from Zhmerinka) and to Poltava (from Balta). Now he rode beside Ilyin under the birch trees, occasionally plucking leaves from a branch that met his hand, sometimes touching his horse's side with his foot, or, without turning round, handing a pipe he had finished to an hussar riding behind him, with as calm and careless an air as though he were merely out for a ride. I Franz Phillip, Count von Lamberg (1791-1848), a field-marshal in the Austrian army, who had seen service in the campaigns of1814-1815in France, belonged to the Stockerau branch of the ancient countly family of Orteneck-Ottenstein. He'd extended an olive branch and come back empty-handed. It was still a place of some importance under the empire; a branch road from Venusia joined the coast road here.