The verb: These cookies do not store any personal information. They’re thoughts, ideas and stories. She clutched her coat closer and walked back to him. He stomped his boots and shook white flakes from his hat and coat before entering the house Cynthia poured them both a cup of coffee as he washed at the sink. There's nothing like it in old paintings, nothing like it in foreign lands--unless when we were off the coast of Spain. This species is about the size of a red-deer, with a foxy red coat with black legs. - a, Pear Saw-fly (Eriocampoides limacina); b, larva without, and c, with its slimy protective coat; e, cocoon; f, larva before pupation; g, pupa, magnified 4 times; d, leaves with larvae, natural size. Rhyn stretched out on his back next to the fire, his mind puzzling over the angel's words. Welch, "Winter Coat in Lepus americanus," Proc. Gelatin occurs also in the cornea and the sclerotic coat of the eye; and in fish scales, the latter containing 80% of collagen, and 20% of ichthylepidin, a substance differing from gelatin in giving a wellmarked Millon's reaction. The its muscular coat; g, g, the heart is of the usual Arthro lateral teeth, which when podous type, lying in a more or in use are brought in conless well-defined pericardial blood tact with the sides of the sinus, with which it communi median tooth m; c, c, the cates by valvular openings or muscular coat. Why Is Focusing on Sentences Important? Although it has wool and top hair, the latter is so sparse and fine that the coat may be considered as one of close even wool. CK 1 2235904 That's Tom's boat. The first requirement, therefore, for efficient painting is the careful removal of all mill-scale, rust, grease, or foreign substance, before even the priming coat is applied. bezoartica) of India, a species taking its name from the deep black coat assumed by the i.dult bucks, and easily recognized by the graceful, spirally twisted horns ornamenting the heads of that sex, is now the sole representative of the genus Antilope, formerly taken to embrace the whole of the true antelopes. Odds were, after he made sure she had enough to eat, he probably bought her a new coat. He needed a razor and a trench coat to begin feeling normal again. A compound-complex sentence with “coat” contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. - Antlers without a bez, but with a trez-tine, above which the beam is more or less palmated, and generally furnished with numerous snags; coat of adult spotted in summer, uniform in winter, with black and white markings in the region of the tail similar to those of Pseudaxis; young, spotted. Weegy: The real purpose of adding garnishes to a dish is to make it visually stimulating. haggard frame was enveloped in a huge blue flushing coat frosted like a plum-cake with ice and snow. The horse was an old, worn-out chestnut, with an ill-kept coat, and bones that showed plainly through it; the knees knuckled over, and the forelegs were very unsteady. The boy wore a green coat. There is also the felt coat of the Zir jamah are loose trousers and also drawers worn under the .shaivar, or tight trousers. After a while "Uncle" came in, in a Cossack coat, blue trousers, and small top boots. Weegy: The hydrosphere contains the earth's water. No man can make a good coat with bad cloth. sie drückt ihn zu Boden und reite ihn. A next door neighbor's car aerial, carefully folded, makes a ideal coat hanger in an emergency. The seed coat hardens and becomes impermeable as the seeds ripen. Carmen hung her coat and tugged the boots off her wet feet. He was right about the coat, but she wasn't about to go back and get it. were the supporters of William (possibly the name was derived from the light blue, scaly looking Bavarian coat of arms), the latter the party of the disaffected nobles, who wanted to catch and devour the fat burgher fish. The word "coat" in a example sentences. These tufts or groups likewise display an orderly and definite grouping in different mammals, which suggests the origin of such groups from the existence in primitive mammals of a scaly coat comparable to that of reptiles, and indeed directly inherited therefrom. B. Kim will take her daughter shopping when she learns to behave in public. O'Brien motioned with his head to the man in the white coat, who had stood immobile throughout the proceedings. The best, from Holland, are used for coat linings. Log in View Full Version: Why did you steal 40,000 hotel coat hangers? The coat is composed, as in the Angora, of two materials; but in this breed it is the under-coat that partakes of the nature of wool and is valued as an article of commerce. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Pickering, still later, showed, in the case of four Norway hares, two of which were injected while in their pigmented or summer coat, and two while in their albino or winter coat, that coagulation occurred in the former cases but not in the latter. finds no difficulty in applying a uniform coat of pigment to porcelain biscuit, and covering the whole with a diaphanous glaze. 292. Had on light mixed gray coat and waistcoat with metal buttons, corduroy breeches, round hat and plated shoe buckles if not altered. true or false. Sentences are more than just strings of words. The inner coat enveloping the spores is supported, like a ball, either with or without a stalk on the upper face of the star. This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. He explained, corrected or commented till the clock struck nine; then, with the little finger of the right hand brushing from his coat and waistcoat the shower of superfluous snuff which had fallen on them, he pocketed his snuff-box, and resuming his hat, he as silently as when he came in made his exit by the door which I rushed to open for him.". The acid gland consists of one, two or more tubes, with a cellular coat of several layers, opening into a reservoir whence the duct leads to the exterior. Sentence types can also be combined. Groovy Gear features hip and happenin' wear such as Bohemian retro duds, Boho Poncho and faux suede coat ensemble, Suddenly Suede. True False In the coat pocket I found the brooch produced. In addition to its inferior size, the coyote is also shorter in the leg than the wolf, and carries a more luxuriant coat of hair. The sorts used for carriage aprons, coat linings and the outside of motor coats include: blue kangaroo, bush kangaroo, bridled kangaroo, wallaroo, yellow kangaroo, rock wallaby, swamp wallaby and short-tailed wallaby. FALLOW-DEER (that is, DUN Deer, in contradistinction to the red deer, Cervus [Dama] dama), a medium-sized representative of the family Cervidae, characterized by its expanded or palmated antlers, which generally have no bez-tine, rather long tail (black above and white below), and a coat spotted with white in summer but uniformly coloured in winter. The outer coat was then removed from that portion which was to constitute the ground, leaving the white for the figures, foliage or other ornamentation; these were then sculptured by means of the gem-engraver's tools. Man differs from them in the absence of a hairy coat; in the development of a large lobule to the external ear; in his fully erect attitude; in his flattened foot with the non-opposable great toe; in the straight limb-bones; in the wider pelvis; in the marked sigmoid flexure of his spine; in the perfection of the muscular movements of the arm; in the delicacy of hand; in the smallness of the canine teeth and other dental peculiarities; in the development of a chin; and in the small size of his jaws compared to the relatively great size of the cranium. Zinc is largely used for "galvanizing" iron, sheets of clean iron being immersed in a bath of the molten metal and then removed, so that a coat of zinc remains on the iron, which is thereby protected from atmospheric corrosion. The coat of the female is extremely short, almost like that of a race-horse, and the legs are long. The verb is the action the person or thing takes or the description of the person or thing. When you first started learning English, you may have memorized words such as: English meaning of the word “coat”; But now that you have a better understanding of the language, there’s a better way for you to learn meaning of “coat” through sentence examples. 2648985 Put on a jacket. A smart coat is a good letter of introduction. For ceremonial purposes a coat called jama is worn. The coat [garment, tailor] makes the man. A bookish man with glasses, wearing a white lab coat, opened the door to the small house.