Dark_Wing 1 y 4 mo 3 d . It’s too sudden and we have barely known anything about this group of crabs so the fight feels empty and pointless.
As for the humor department, Momoa gets to flex a different kind of muscle and throw out some one-liners and get all quipy. They were never meant to meet. Shazam! Aquaman vs Shazam # Shazam Aquaman's trident is unbreakable, and if Shazam took it (which isn't usually his first move) Arthur would still have his abilities. The movie is filled with colorful characters, but so many of them, like Mera, Vulko, and Atlanna spend almost all of their time simply laying out the history of the world and the dangers presented by King Orm that they have no room to shine as their own characters. Rosa and Victor Vazquez (a.k.a Jerry from The Walking Dead) might be the coolest parents in the world. But by word of mouth of the movie Aquaman is physically stronger for now given Sub > Bus. Was für eine Intention visieren Sie mit seiner Shazam superman an? Hilariously Pokes Fun at a Major Supervillain Trope, DC You: Everything You Didn't Know About The End Of The New 52, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Morals on, i would say Shazam win in a close one.

Patrick Wilson as Orm/Ocean Master

You're like a mile away from me, and there's traffic and cars and stuff!

This builds a wall in him that keeps every one else away, which is readily apparent early on based on how he acts around his new family.

IMDb: 7.1 It's a bit unfair. ", I didn't really think it was. Better yet, they didn't kill him at the end, which means for any sequel we could see him start to loosen up a bit as he grows madder and madder, meaning this could be AQUAMAN's answer to Loki going forward. Billy is going from foster home to foster home because, somehow, his mom never went back to find him when they were separated years ago. You're a disabled foster kid, you got it all! compare to the ... they're now celebrating heroes who've never been seen before on the big screen; Wonder Woman was a gigantic success, Aquaman broke $1 billion worldwide, and both Shazam!

With all this out of the way, the next movie can actually get into the meat of the characters and not worry about the diplomacy of water bridges. My friend says Mera will just dehydrate him. 2nd in metropolis I came to save my home, and the people that I love. I loved the lighting 'gauntlet' too, they should of had him box while his arms were lit up like that. Shazam: "Dude that sounds like a butt thing. Aquaman vs Shazam # Shazam Shazam would just break that trident or remove it from Aquaman.

Billy: "Gross", Shazam: [to ROCKY theme tempo] "Hands...lighting with my hands...lighting with my hands! Shazam wins! That being said, it all made sense and wasn't boring.

", Aquaman: "My father was a lighthouse keeper. Adam Brody as Super Freddy Round 2 PC Shazam 7 or 8 out of 10.

Shazam wins! For example, as much as Black Manta was a cool character, for the sake of the movie's main story, he was replaceable. Aquaman: "Show-off. Freddy Freeman is laugh-out-loud funny. It's certainly the funniest and built on the foundation Aquaman tried to set.

We were bound to meet at some point!" gives us a realistic character, who has real-world problems and is thrust into a super-powered mess by chance. Out of all the superhero films on the market, some small and some blown to wildly epic proportions, AQUAMAN manages to stand out from the pack with some gobsmacking visual effects that get to fill the screen and take on bold life thanks to Wan's vision. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. FREAKY Interviews (2020) - Celeste O'Connor & Misha Osherovich, FREAKY Interview (2020) - Vince Vaughn & Kathryn Newton, MANK - Movie Review (2020) Gary Oldman, David Fincher. At first, he's a rebellious teen with a broken heart and who only wants one thing in life -- to find his mom. Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman are just kids. All I see is mouth-movin'!

I get the sense he approached this movie the same way Taika Waititi did THOR: RAGNAROK: This movie involves god-like beings, alien worlds, and talking creatures, so why hold back? Nay problem.Will get locked later rather than sooner so u may get a few replies :).

I can think of few directors who have covered the same expanse of success the same way James Wan has (Spielberg comes to mind, for one). Why is it the Aquaman from the Justice League movie? While everyone will praise the story, acting, and humor of SHAZAM!

", Manta: "I plunder the seas, and you're the Aquaman.

While it may have come out just under its competition, let it never ben said that AQUAMAN is not an incredibly entertaining comic book movie that looks and moves unlike anything else in the genre. didn't have as strong an opening weekend domestically as the rest of the DCEU, it may be the best DC movie has produced to this point. Stories to Buy After the Movie, Shazam's Take on Superman Is the Best in the DCEU, Shazam: The DCEU's Lightest Movie Is Also Its Darkest, Shazam! By the way, the character is never once called Shazam in the entire movie. ", Mera: "You do your best thinking when you're not thinking at all." or Captain Marvel comics before the development movie surfaced. SHAZAM!

), RELATED: Shazam's Take on Superman Is the Best in the DCEU.

For some strange reason, Aquaman made little attempt to involve the rest of DC. Where Aquaman's main villain may have suffered from that — and some rough writing — Mark Strong took advantage of the opportunity to turn Sivana into someone people would remember. Voting feed.

did exactly that, only months after Aquaman dominated the worldwide box office. ", Sivana: "Only I have the power to unleash..." While I think Wan's work demonstrates a more singular, impressive vision, Sandberg should not be counted out and here he proves he's ready for even bigger projects, and I have full faith that with a bigger budget he could take these characters to some dizzying heights, but keep the heart and soul that make them great firmly intact. , … More importantly, it was a little all over the place. Although it wasn't necessarily as great a movie as Wonder Woman, Aquaman helped change the tone of DC movies.

This was the first movie that gave us a chance to see what a kid would do if given a slew of superhero powers out of nowhere.
On-topic, Captain Marvel wins easily, although I would give Aquaman the majority if it were current version. Here, he also proves his ability to take on projects outside of the world of horror, moving from violence and terror to tender emotion and pitch-perfect comedy.

NEXT: Shazam! She's responsible for the saddest scene in the entire movie.

Follow 2099. No, the scripting and character work are not up to the same level, which is perhaps why a lot of critics dunked on it, but there is more than enough to love in this massive, insane movie. @cheesesticks: Let's say morals on and also what if they're off, Shazam wouldn't need a teammate here he is all around stronger than both, Even if i love Aquaman, if morals are off Shazam stomps pretty badly.

You look at me and you're like, "Why so dark? There was the mention of Steppenwolf, and Mera did appear in Justice League, as well, but that's it. Ian Chen as Eugene

There is the cameo at the end of the movie, but the paraphernalia was a much more fun way to show these characters exist in this world, while at the same time leaving some grey area as to whether or not this is the same universe. He catches bullets with his teeth.

He can create portals to other dimensions.

Shazam: "Wait, WHAT?" But then there's the movie's rapid, constant sense of humor, making it one of the funniest superhero movies ever along with THOR: RAGNAROK and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The visuals of Shazam in action don't look very polished and sometimes don't blend into their environment as well as they should -- most noticeable when characters are flying around. They made me what I am: a son of the land, a king of the seas. The score takes advantage of a current theme in modern movie music of combining old school orchestrations with digital, synth sounds, and Gregson-Williams weaves them together to mostly epic, bombastic effect.

In a total reinvention, Momoa was the perfect man to bring the grungy, bearded, somewhat aggressive and probably smelly hero to the screen. The endless exposition aside, a lot of which is interrupted by explosions that get things going again, there's just not a lot under the surface of this movie that explores the characters as well as it does the world, which though I get is necessary for a movie like this, it can't help but rob the movie of something more engaging on a character level.

IMDb: 7.3 Although Billy isn't big into superheroes at first, we see Freddy's love for all things Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

Although he's already confirmed to be weaker than Superman regardless whether he's on land or underwater, I don't know about Shazam.

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