OK,” and said he would draw on lessons from the 1992 Los Angeles riots, including quick action to quell unruly behavior. Kuehl told the Los Angeles Times Villanueva costs the county millions of dollars in claims of excessive force by members of the department. L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 today to look at options for removing elected Sheriff Alex Villanueva as the county’s top lawman, rather than waiting to see if voters will do so in 2022. And he said didn’t shy away from controversial questions. From the moment he was elected and sought to reinstate Carl Mandoyan and other deputies who had been previously fired for serious misconduct, he has utterly failed to fulfill his campaign promises to reform the department and instead has: We therefore join UNITE HERE Local 11, Black Lives Matter-LA, JusticeLA and more than 50 organizations in calling for his resignation. Campaign photo Members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and of a civilian commission that oversees the sheriff… Violated his department's own policies by killing active investigations into serious misconduct involving allegations such as child abuse, domestic violence, and rape of a person in custody. Civilian Oversight Commission member Robert Bonner, a former federal prosecutor and head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, was the first to call on Villanueva to step down during a commission meeting Thursday. As a Los Angeles County resident, I join UNITE HERE Local 11, the ACLU SoCal, Black Lives Matter-LA, JusticeLA and more than 50 other organizations in demanding your immediate resignation. Allowed the systematic harassment of grieving families of community members whom deputies have killed—in retaliation against their seeking the truth about their deaths and justice. A distinguished leader and a tireless advocate for both the community and those who serve with the Los Angeles County Sheriff… Your mishandling of Andres's killing reflects a pattern of abuse, secrecy, and thwarted accountability that has marred your tenure. Your extraordinary failure of leadership is exemplified by your stonewalling an independent investigation in the Sheriff’s Department’s June 18 killing of 18-year-old Andres Guardado. A proposal authored by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas seeks to sideline or even remove Villanueva from his post, but was officially delayed by two weeks on Tuesday so that the board could explore its options. Like others killed at the hands of law enforcement, Andres was not just a statistic. Spearheaded a sweeping undoing of reforms for accountability, transparency and civilian oversight that community organizations and advocacy groups have fought for decades. To: Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva He also provided an update on a deputy who was dragged by a motorist during a vehicle stop in the unincorporated Westmont area of South Los Angeles. “There isn’t a pretty way around it,” he said, suggesting that Measure J would mean a cumulative 20% budget reduction during his tenure, and lead to 1,200 job cuts. He added that 30 employees in high-risk categories were telecommuting. Many public officials use "web mail forms" that this system will send your message to, so you don't have to visit their web sites to communicate with them. In that same vein, he has tolerated so-called “secret societies” of sheriff deputy gangs, like the Banditos in East Los Angeles, that perpetrate violence against the community—prompting an FBI investigation last year. One professional staff member died of the disease. The commission could take an official “no-confidence” vote on the sheriff at its next meeting. Unfortunately, we do not have control of which honorific titles are presented as options. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Second District It's time for Villanueva to go. When told, he replied, “Oh, civil unrest. Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Fifth District. On Nov. 2, more stations would begin receiving the technology. When Sheriff Villanueva took office, many hoped he would work to repair the wreckage that his predecessors, including now-imprisoned former Sheriff Lee Baca, left behind. Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Sheriff Alex Villanueva is the 33rd Sheriff of Los Angeles County. “I’m taking questions from the community,” he said, directly referencing the board’s qualms with his leadership.