And idk if people read the same comic as I did with Thor and Surfer's last couple of fight under Fraction's pen, but I seem to recall Surfer being rather ok while Thor attacked him when he was demanding the seed. As of now, Thor continues to have the edge, but the Thunder God underestimates the Silver Surfer at his own peril.

@god_spawn: Exactly, they both had different mindsets at the time. @ghostrider2: There are numerous occasions were Surfer wants to hurt Thor the same way but the Odinson still wins. Post-A SS > Thor > Pre-A SS > Supes, to be accurate. I've yet see Surfer truly have no regard for Thors life when they meet up because that seems to be the general gist of how their encounters go " Thor please stop, I do no wish to fight". In this form, the Surfer was able to easily take on multiple opponents, including Cosmic Ghost Rider, Hulk, and … Moreover, Galactus gave Norrin a space-faring vessel in the shape of a surfboard that allowed him to fly across galaxies in the blink of an eye to find new meals for his master. That is just his way but I've always felt that Surfer would undeniably wreck most of the marvel verses top tiers without thinking twice if he put effort into it. Thanks to a life spent immersed in comic books and movies, Michael is always ready to infuse his articles with offbeat bits of trivia for an extra layer of fun. This has been done before countless times. How about elaborating on the fact that with out magic hulk stomps Thor,,,I recall hulk grabbing Thors wrist and forcing him to bash his own face with mjolnir,,,I'm sure that's PIS but hulk getting struck by lightening and getting ko'd isn't,,,I mean he survived the destruction of a planet, nuclear bombs and Johnny's nova blast along with lots more but Thors "special" bolt lays him about bad writing, Not at all.

It's rock paper scissors, but as to who is what, I'm not sure... Thor beats Surfer because Thor knows how to fight and Surfer considers him a friend. Unless there are battles I haven't seen I have to agree with the blog. And then 90% of the fight is Surfer tanking hits and brushing them off afterwards. The Marvel Universe is full of some unbelievably powerful beings, some of whom are literally on the level of gods.

Thor vs Hulk- Hulk bests Thor through brute strength and durability.

Related: The One Reason Loki Will Never Trust Thor. Generally the Surfer and Thor tend to end their fights in a stalemate or draw. Well, ignore that last post because I keep forgetting that Surfer was always weakened during the fights with Thor.. You cannot deny that. His vast cosmic powers - and affiliation with the World Devourer - made him virtually untouchable by anyone who got in his way. Anyway, SS wins all rounds with the possible exception of Round 1. he is a better fighter, stronger. My personal opinion like the guy who wrote the blog is that sense Stan Lee admitted he thought Thor should be the heavyweight champ of Marvel then I think it was easy for him to say Mjolnir is Thor's defense against Surfer's Power Cosmic. Thor VS Silver Surfer-1st Round. This involved encasing Norrin in a nigh-invulnerable silver sheath that made him impervious to the crushing pressures and hazardous temperatures of outer space. NON CANNON - What if V2 Issue 41 (beat Thor using 60 seconds rule which no longer applies). In one alternate future, the Silver Surfer showed he had become worthy of Thor’s hammer and was able to add the power of Mjolnir to his own cosmic might.

To top it off, thanks to an enchantment placed on Mjolnir by Odin, the hammer cannot be moved by anyone unworthy of it, making it very hard for others to exploit its power. For all his warrior's experience, he doesn't do much else which is detrimental to the character's combat strategy. Surfer. Taking out Savage Hulk with his lightning, which is actually quite powerful, was an undeniable win for Thor, A mind controlled character isn't empowered by the one enslaving their mind its just a suggestion placed deep in his brain,,,many characters when under mind control are less of a threat because they are not in control and the person mind controlling them doesn't use them as well as the person themselves...perfect example is Spider-Man,,,he was mind controlled by ringmaster but was no where near his true far as hulk holding back,,he may have held back when him and hulk locked up for a few hours but soon his strength will run out while hulks will keep increasing..soon he will fall to hulk without mjolnir.

He is much much faster and can 1 shot Thor. Related: In Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, Everyone Thought Thor Was Crazy, Nevertheless, one final bit of information does make the question of Thor and the Silver Surfer’s strength levels more ambiguous. This topic is locked from further discussion. As past Silver Surfer and Thor battles have often been decided by Mjolnir, the revelation that the Surfer can draw strength from this weapon does put the question of which hero is more powerful in question. That is just his way but I've always felt that Surfer would undeniably wreck most of the marvel verses top tiers without thinking twice if he put effort into it. This blog describes every battle and Thor has always beat Surfer. Anyone who thinks hulk is mere fodder for these two either hates hulk or doesn't know the history between these characters,,,hulk has beaten Thor twice and silver surfer once,,I'm not saying he would win but to say he just gets smacked around to warm their muscles up is ignorant. They healed at same time. @Vouile:How does Hulk have and equal chance? You can't deny the fact that SS doesn't want to hurt him either.So yeah, SS wins. @lvenger: That godblast went also straight up in the air, as well. Surfer did fight at times, but he seemed to get angry for a brief moment and then calm back down. It wasn't shot like a beam.

Everything else goes to Silver Surfer. Superman doesn't have feats on Thor level (Thor won with planet busters - Superman didn't, Thor has planet level feats - Superman doesn't), to win in character, but it isn't thread about Superman. His head popped back out like nothing happened. A recent storyline showed that Gaea granted Thor so much power that he not only became stronger but gained the power to terraform barren land and craft a new planet.

Yeah, funny that. While the Surfer has also been shown creating new worlds (out of partial atonement for all the planets he helped destroy), Thor’s feat clearly puts him at the Surfer’s power level - and likely beyond. He is a better fighter, stronger, and he has a warrior spirit that makes him love the fight and be more aggressive. Thor's go to tactic is to bludgeon his opponents whether with his hammer or his fist. People are simply elaborating on the facts. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Thor’s deeds are literally legend. Nevertheless, one final bit of information does make the question of Thor and the Silver Surfer’s strength levels more ambiguous. It is a lot more in depth and has a lot more substance than yours. He also has access to Asgardian technology that can enhance his strength to even higher levels and has been said to be capable of smashing planets with his brute strength alone.

Thus armed, the newborn Silver Surfer took to his task and explored the wonders of the universe. Although his father is Odin, the Lord of Asgard, Thor’s mother is the Earth goddess Gaea, a being whose kind actually preceded the Asgardians. It wasn't a very conclusive fight at all, so I'm not sure why people use it to defend Thor. -2nd Round. The godblast isn't something he does like a kamehameha, and he barely if ever calls down lightning without Mjolnir. Sorry for replying to an old comment but three issues that i can recall: 1. I must have missed those, but great eye for detail. 2 NON CANNON - What If V2 Issue 70 (note, they were both affected by energy being generated by Galactus feeding on earth, and while in fight it is this lightning that KOs Thor and Silver Surfer is not affected). 3.Thor beats Surfer every time they fight in the comic. Not sure about the last one but its definitely an amazing fight.
I'm guessing hulk is merely here for surfer and Thor to smack around for a bit to get their Muscles warmed up? Thor.

Also can anyone please clarify what the OP means by "Thor has bested him [surfer] everytime so far" when the only victory Thor has had over surfer is during Blood and Thunder while Thor was under Warrior Madness, and has lost to Silver surfer before, and most often they only stalemate? Comparison and scaling them is not so easy. Stan intended Thor to be top dog. Daredevil’s Latest Comic Series Is Perfect For Fans Of The Netflix Show, Marvel Just Made Secret Identities Relevant Again, Star Wars Reveals The Real Reason Darth Vader Could Be Redeemed, Marvel's Most Evil Company is Worse Than Thanos, Marvel's New Taskmaster is Becoming a Deadpool Knockoff, A Founding Member of The X-Men Could Resurrect Mutants Way Before Krakoa, Wolverine Keeps Ripping Off An Iconic Watchmen Line, Juggernaut & Conan Lead Marvel's Most Dangerous Avengers, Spider-Man is Throwing Marvel Comics Into Total Chaos, Why Fans Hated Marvel's Civil War II Event. And then 90% of the fight is Surfer tanking hits and brushing them off afterwards. Silver Surfer Has The Power to Remake Thor's Hammer. Norrin's energy blasts are ridiculously powerful and is his most frequent attack.

Im guessing surfer because surfer can go to space and absorb galaxies while those 2 cant.It depends because if thor attacks surfer with lightning he falls while hulk has the advantage to sneak on thor. He has stopped him dead in his tracks and taken direct shots from Hulk without being hurt. also, thor already beat the crap out of ss, warlock, beta ray bill, and siff... uuh uhhh ss alone is going to beat him.. right. However, his greatest power lies in his hammer Mjolnir, an enchanted uru weapon that enables Thor to focus his power and accomplish feats that, quite literally, bend the elements to his will. Surfer didn't go out of his way to fight Thor unlike Thor. In his spare time, you can find him entertaining kids as Spider-Man or Darth Vader at birthday parties or scaring the heck out of them at haunted houses. Each combatant has an equal chance of winning. Not to crazy exciting as of yet but sure to get better. I can only see them (Marvels big 3) as being related to the Rock, Paper, Sissors game. I know it's one giant wall of text and I'm sorry but I didn't write it this way. As it turns out, the answer is complicated. And really I dont see thor keeping him down besides god blast... © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Silver Surfer and The Might Thor switch places. Desperate to save those he loved, Norrin entered a Faustian bargain with the cosmic being: in exchange for Zenn La’s safety, he would serve as Galactus’ herald and seek out new worlds for him to eat. Hulk vs Silver Surfer- Surfer bests Hulk 3 to 1.. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Thor posseses the strongest "power" due to mjolnir.
Thor vs. Silver Surfer: Which Hero is Stronger? Hand to hand fighting only. Next: Thor Was Originally The Villain, Not His Brother Loki. Surfer all rounds. Michael Jung is a mild-mannered freelance writer-for-hire, actor, and professional storyteller with a keen interest in pop culture, education, nonprofit organizations, and unusual side hustles. In one alternate future, the Silver Surfer showed he had become worthy of Thor’s hammer and was able to add the power of Mjolnir to his own cosmic might. Mjolnir can negate the power cosmic which give Thor an edge.