Something that can definitely cause you to lose connection to your router is if there’s an influx of new devices being connected to it. Click this link to find out what your SkyBell is telling you: SkyBell HD LEDs and What They Mean. You will have to look in the "Advanced" settings/WAN setup of your router configuration and disable this setting. Sometimes, even though a router might state that it has a significant range, the reality might be very different to this. Also, please check to ensure the metal contacts on the back of the SkyBell are not pushed in, this will also prevent the device from charging. However in many cases, you can avoid doing this with these simple fixes. Firstly, let’s look at some of the main reasons why your internet may be dropping. But this is a major cause of internet connection problems, so bear in mind that this might be the cause. If you use Sky broadband, you will probably have the Sky Q Hub as well. I have this exact  issue! Check the manufacturer's instruction manual for further explanation. It it will be interesting to see if SKY management replies to this or whether they remain silent hiding behind their online employees letting them struggle on. You can also look at the settings and see which channel you’re connected to. You may have to look in the “Advanced” section of your router configuration. (x360 & More), How to get Freeview on your TV without Aerial. If that doesn't work is it possible to disconnect the camera to test if Sky Q stays connected? And, this is where you might encounter problems with interference, and specifically other devices that work on the same radio frequency. look forward to comments. Patents Issued and Patents Pending. 07:39 AM The main and sky Q mini box are hard wired to the hub via the same 24 port router and configured for automatic IP working. stop wasting our time. It has been found that the broadband modem keeps disconnecting from internet once in a while due to internal programming issues which can be fixed by restarting the modem. These are separate connections to the internet (in some cases, you can even get tri-band routers, which have 2×5.0GHz bands for yo to connect to). If the SkyBell continues to flash green and red, you will need to re-sync the SkyBell to your SkyBell app. Wondering what i am paying for here. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Hello! However, there is the possibility that the device you’re trying to connect to your router only works on a 2.4GHz level, so try connecting to this bandwidth instead and this might solve your problem. My rate is 68-72mb all of the time and is very consistent. Although these security settings are intended to improve your security, they can sometimes interfere with the routers internet connection. Noticed the interruptions were far less if switched off. So, if your broadband provider says this, then what else could the problem be? Further observations really have been fruitless as there doesn’t seem to be a pattern emerging.