Locate the burial chamber with the open roof (it's the one in the north-east corner) and drop down into it. You can find the papyrus on the second level of the left-hand side of the room, towards the back of the chamber. At dawn's first light there is one tree near the valley's entrance whose roots are halfway between Ra's glory and Apophi's shadow. Find this riddle in the Library of Alexandria. As soon as you do go back in that room with 50 silica and you'll get access to that special room you can get to now. While riding south towards the Caravanserai military camp, bear east towards the river to find this tower tilted precariously towards the ground off a slight hill. I'm under a tree that thinks it's unique, but only because the nearby rock bridge is blocking it from seeing the others of its breed. If you meditate til morning, an X will mark my hiding spot. If you take a leap of faith, you can find me. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You'll find this treasure in the irrigation drain leading north into a large patch of sand between two green fields. Learn how to find the Sphinx's secret entrance in Assassin's Creed Origins for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. A man stares at me all day, it's quite a bother, so I'm hiding behind a column that blocks his sight. You'll need to enter the arena to collect this reward, which will automatically put you into conflict with Surus and his masters. It rests on a table inside the gazebo in the gardens behind the Asklepieion. This Papyrus can be found in the Eastern Cemetary of Giza. The model on the floor shows the location of each of the Stone Circles. Inside the monumental round chamber, climb the pillars to reach the upper level and find the clue sitting by a statue's feet. I'm hidden atop the one illegal clay smoker in the region. In the southwest area of the Green Mountains region, you'll find the battle arena for the War Elephan Surus. The fallen palm tree points to where I lay, where land meets water. Find this clue in the main chamber of the Temple of Horus in Letopolis, next to the large supine Horus statue on the right side of the chamber (from the main entrance into the room). Head inside and dive into the pool below the scaffolding - you'll find the reward at the bottom of the western edge of the pool. You'll have to get 50 silica and do the quest bayeks promise (find all the stones that match the stars in the sky as gods). Northwest of the smaller pyramid - the tomb of Menkaure - you can see two rocks that look rather like mushrooms sitting near the edge of the mountains to the west. You'll find the reward beneath a tree directly next to the rock bridge that you encounter, on the left-hand side. Besides that, the east part of Giza has one hunting spot - a pack of hyenas. In the east section of the Kanopos Nome is a ravaged land, where many trees fell and lost their home. This riddle can be found at the Oracle of Apollo, in the northern section of the Green Mountains. You can find this treasure in the north-west corner of the village, under a tree next to two huts that are as described in the riddle. To the south-east of the stables is a large central island covered in mud and debris. In the southeast of Iment Nome lies a broken ship. take a look around, then come find me, hiding under the only tree nearby. From the south entrance, head into the room on your left and scale the large statue of Sobek to reach the upper level. The South one looks solemnly at his sunken friend. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Sphinx … While I rest here, immobile, I cannot escape Ra's grace, but at least every dawn I avoid him longer than the others. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamercards/S4W.png, Probably story related.... gain access later in the game... just a guess mate, Ah it seems it has to do with the isu armor costume for collecting all the stone circles thanks to Dante Zetsumei who pointed it out to me on another site :). Travel to Sap-Meh Nome and approach Anthylla Camp from the road, then veer off to the left before you reach it. Use the Dawn & Dusk ability to fast-forwrd time to morning, then collect the reward from where the X is formed by the shadow of the ships old rigging. Two men stand guard on the Memphis eastern canal. In its east part you can find a city - Great Sphinx. It guides in darkness and fog, and I sit beside it under something that did not heed its warning. Directly across from the south-easter tip of Haueris Nome is a leapords den, with some ruins sitting high atop a cliff. If you follow his gaze, you can find him and me on the river floor. The Sphinx is a secret boss in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that’s part of the Atlantis questline. Find the riddle for this Papyrus Puzzle inside the open-walled barn (with the two pillars in the center) on the south-east end of Zephyros's Stables in Kanopos Nome, on a table in the covered portion of the building. Head to the lighthouse on the rocky island in the northern waters of Apollonia. North of Apollonia, I'm next to a lifesaver. Then you need 50 Silica from Tombs* to put inside the machine. This clue can be found in Karanis, in the northeastern section of Faium, inside the Sarapeion of Karanis. In the small settlement directly south of Philadelphia, in the Faiyum Oasis, this clue can be collected from a table in the fenced-in yard of a building on the east side of the village. Heading through the North entrance to the Temple of Ptah, find this riddle by making your first right inside the temple, then following the rim of the pool around the the south-west corner of the room. I guess it's got some sweet armor in it. The ship in reference is the fast travel point in the south-east part of Iment Nome. I lay where man's creation brings the Nile's water to desert sand. The Sphinx riddles become available after you complete a side quest to meet your real father. You'll find several clay pits - the "unique" one is the uncolored, grayish one in the center of the island. This page contains the location of all 25 Papyrus Puzzles in Assassin's Creed Origins. To the southeast of the small village of Euhemeria in Faiyum is the Valley Market - you can find this riddle on the second stall from the top of the northern stairs on the second floor of the market. Once inside, enter the central room with the small pool and climb the bookshelf (or scroll-shelf, as it were) in the north-east corner to find the clue resting on top. Here, you can also find 5 camps and 12 treasures.Besides that, the east part of Giza has one hunting spot - a pack of hyenas. mark is still 60m below that, does anyone know how to get to it (maybe the puzzle in the hidden room will lead to it)? Enter the Sarapeion in Alexandria via the northern entrance, then follow the courtyard around to the right. Run and dodge to avoid being killed (especially if you're under level for the region), and grab the loot from the center of the thin strip of dirt between the large shallow pool and the western wall of the arena. You'll find the Papyrus on a table just across from the stairs leading up to the second level. Find me there. To find the vista, head to the large mountain range on the opposite side of the river from the farmlands between Giza and Memphis. You'll find a broken pillar down the stairs from the main ruins, blocking the view of a pharaoh statue to the north - at the base of this column you'll find the treasure. In the center of the eastern islands of the Nome is a small village of Yw Huts.