Series 9/10. READ THE BOOK! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 6 -- In addition to studying chapters, I would also study the "suitability worksheet" document for STC. Yeah the ease of navigation for STC is not great.

After the test, I reviewed all incorrect answers again and would find the section in the book that discussed them and I would reread it until I understood. I honestly have no idea, but to me it felt like at least 30 option questions. I did about 2000 questions read the book twice.

This is HUGE!!!!
Distribution is likely somewhat random but there should be a lower and an upper limit. I used Kaplan for this test and let me just say that it was exactly what I needed. This was fantastic! Don't squander a great tool!

6 -- The day before my test, I focused on products on the suitability worksheet from STC that I wasn't confident on, and did "math" questions (calculating interest due, option questions, margin questions, studying my formulas, etc).

Only doing practice questions (which was recommended to me many times) simply did not work for me: 1 -- Read a chapter thoroughly by highlighting and rereading occasional paragraphs until they make some sense, 2 -- Complete the ENTIRE STC topic test (not the closed book test) for that chapter and read each answer explanation thoroughly. 3 -- 3 weeks before my exam I took Greenlight test 1 (got a 75), and did the whole topic exam for each chapters/concepts I did poorly on. Ask for FREE. They really need a new layout for their site. With a generous access period and forgiving pass guarantee, the only thing they’re missing is some lecture content. Take me to Achievable Test Prep Series 7 Prep ; 10% off Achievable Series 7 Exam Review. Hi everyone, this subreddit had some good tips for me when I was studying, so I thought I would share what I think helped me succeed. 4 -- Listen to the on demand lecture (if available for you) and take notes. You should pass it at this point and you score should improve significantly from the first time you took it.

After two failed attempts at the Series 10 using STC materials I caved and started seeking outside materials.
STC's "Path to Success" involved reading the entire book first and then returning to complete the exams. If you do them too early, you waste the opportunity to truly test your knowledge with new questions, similar to the ones you'll see on the real exam.

Like how many option questions and so on. I was nervous to go against their suggestions, but you just validated what i think would be best for me. I know this might seem like overkill, but this prevented me from having to go back to re-study most chapters, which a lot of people end up having to do. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Series7exam community. yes the whole 667 pages. The Series 7 top-off exam has a heavy emphasis on suitability and scenario-based questions, as well as on advanced concepts, such as complex options positions, tax rules, and margin accounting. 5 -- The week before my test, I took Greenlight 2 and focused on practice questions for the chapters I did poorly on. If I still felt unfamiliar with the chapter/topic, I would review that chapter again. In my opinion, the series 7 is about putting your head down for 3-4 weeks and really asserting yourself in that time. My study method worked very well for me. Going through these steps for each chapter would take me 3 evenings (around 2 hours per night), or one day on the weekend if I set aside enough time. If you're the type of person who HAS to read to understand, I recommend this method. I did not use a cheat sheet in the test because I had everything memorized from being so thorough when doing my studying. 4 -- Listen to the on demand lecture (if available for you) and take notes. We welcome students, current Registered Representatives and anyone who is curious. Here is what worked for me. You need to know these products to understand the suitability questions. This is nearly identical to my study method. At this point, I would ALWAYS feel like I had a solid understanding of the chapter.

I improved my score by 6% from Greenlight 1 to Greenlight 2. 2 -- Complete the ENTIRE STC topic test (not the closed book test) for that chapter and read each answer explanation thoroughly. See if it explained anything in a way that didn't make sense when you tried to teach it to yourself. Also, I’m not sure if I understand correctly but for the Series 7 Top Off prep, does STC have a limit on how many attempts you can have on your exams? 2 -- Once I was basically always passing my Q&As, I started taking the 25 question A/B progress exams.