The size of the tortilla matters: Taquitos are usually smaller (made with small taco size tortillas); Flautas are usually bigger/longer (made with large burritos size tortillas) The type of tortilla matters: Taquitos are generally made with corn tortillas; Flautas can be made with either, however taquitos or flautas made with flour tortillas are more Tex-Mex and non-traditional.
Taquitos, on the other hand, are the shorter versions, rolled from regularly-sized corn or flour tortillasor even from small appetizer-sized ones if the taquitos are intended as a snack or first course, rather than as an entree. Taquitos are most often made with corn tortillas, while flautas are typically made using flour tortillas. Enchiladas are made with either flour or corn tortillas rolled around a filling and then baked under a sauce. In the variant known as the taco dorado (fried taco), flauta (Flute in English, because of the shape), or taquito, the tortilla is filled with pre-cooked chicken or barbacoa, rolled into a … That’s because some restaurants make taquitos with flour tortillas and flautas with corn tortillas. Now enlightened by these three distinguishing elements, it's important to remember that many five-star chefs and occasional home cookers alike don't consider these differentiators significant.

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They may not be wrong necessarily. In some areas of Mexico, a flauta is very long and thin and made from a burrito-sized flour tortilla or similarly-sized corn one. The type of tortilla may be the most well-known distinction between the two Mexican dishes.

Flautas are made with wheat flour tortillas. So in the spirit of these mouthwatering Mexica… Flautas are rolled tacos made with corn tortillas and deep fried. Since there's no worry about the filling spilling out in a fryer, there's usually more filling in an enchilada than a rolled taco or taquito. Taquitos are a rolled up version of tacos dorados (my absolute favorite taco) which are made with corn tortillas. Well, here’s the thing: taquitos are made of corn tortillas while flautas are made of flour tortillas, but some people use the word interchangeably. I’m going to try this recipe for dinner tomorrow. Flautas also are frequently made with burrito-sized tortillas so they tend to be bigger than the taco dorados/taquitos.
You may order a flauta off the menu and be met by a large, cylindrical corn tortilla. At times, the crucial difference between flautas and taquitos is found in their length. Taquitos are most often made with corn tortillas, while flautas are typically made using flour tortillas.