Stitch were full of fun, knowledgeable and very helpful. Blackwater tubing on the Storms River is the ultimate outdoor river adventure and a perfect compliment to holidays on Garden Route. Create Memorable Moments at Blackwater Joes! Read More about Red Route Tubing Canyon Adventure, Read more about Green Route Tubing SUP Combo. we hebben de groene route afgelegd en genoten van elk moment. The Storms River Tubing experience in Stormsriver is one of scenic adventure and fun filled hours of paddling, swimming rock hopping, and rock jumps. Black Water Tubing Contact Details: GPS COORDINATES - 33˚58’20.91”S 23˚52’58.73”E | Email: | Tel: +27 (0)42 281 1757. En je hoeft een paar dagen niet naar de sportschool te gaan? Deze versie van onze website is gericht aan mensen die Nederlands spreken in Nederland. Die Guides waren gut drauf und haben uns auch sicher wieder an das Ziel gebracht. Sign up for our newsletter and discover travel experiences you’ll really want to try. Logistically it's fairly easy to plan out. Drive for 20 minutes back through the National Park to Storms River Village for a well-earned hot shower. The beautiful resort at Blackwater Joe’s will make your dream possible by providing fun river adventures canoeing, tubing, and kayaking. Der Fluss war gut gefüllt mit Wasser aber so richtig Action wollte einfach nicht aufkommen. irgendeine Stromschnelle erlebt hat. However, 80 – 90 % of trips are run on low water levels so the tubing experience is mostly similar to kloofing where one paddles the pools and walks the ‘bony’ (shallow) sections. For the 'not so brave', rapids and rock jumps are optional and our APA accredited swift-water safety guides are always ready to help. Ontvang je tube en word volledig uitgerust met gespecialiseerde apparatuur. We also do include some optional rock jumps up to 8m in height. Logistically it's fairly easy to plan out. We had such a great experiment and would highly recommend it to anyone! I would highly recommend this activity if you in, One of the best experiences we’ve ever had❤️, This most definitely should be at the top of your bucket list....we did the green route and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. We offer two different excursions namely a Green Route tubing and SUP combo trip that takes place in the Plaatbos Nature reserve and a Red Route canyon Tubing trip that takes place in the Goesa nature reserve and Tsitsikamma National Park. Unsere nachträglichen Beschwerden wurden nur unprofessionell entgegengenommen mit dem Hinweis, wir können ja nochmal wiederkommen,wenn das Wasser höher steht. About Blackwater Tubing Tubing on the Storms River is somewhat similar to kloofing/canyoning yet completely dis-similar as no rope access is necessary and rock jumps are not compulsory. Start your trip with a 20-minute scenic forest drive from Storms River Village to the drop off point in the Goesa Nature Reserve. It is so unique that the State of Florida purchased and designated it as a State Forest. We are also known as Blackwater Tubing High & medium water levels (September - November) is when we get our rapids. Dit wateravontuur laat u vanuit uw tube al peddelend en stroomafwaards drijvend kennis maken met deze groene parel aan de Garden Route. Rivierraften & tuben. Vielleicht hätte man das Prospekt genau lesen sollen, vielleicht hätten aber auch der Veranstalter vor der langweiligen Veranstaltung hinweisen können. We used tubes as there are parts of the river bed where Portage is necessary. 145 beoordelingen. Dit zou absoluut bovenaan je bucketlist moeten staan. Steun deze operator: Het is op dit moment een moeilijke tijd voor de reiscommunity.