Please note:All sizes and dimensions are nominal or based on approximate manufacturer measurements. Final costs are obtained and contracted with each respectively. Let me tell you first hand that there is no way to get this home built for a turnkey of $113,000 to $169,500 by a contractor. Buying a shell or log-only package may seem like a cost effective way to go, but it’s almost like buying bumpers, transmission, wheels, fenders and an engine to somehow put together into your dream convertible. Furniture will add many thousands of dollars to the cost of a home. To gather an accurate turnkey number for your specific job site location is to call a local general contractor and ask what the turnkey for a conventional framed home is. The traditional mortgage is essentially a loan made by a bank for a person to buy a house. We encourage buyers who are contemplating different log home companies to compare and ask lots of questions. The only access to his land entailed 15 miles of rough gravel roads back into the mountains. For an 8 inch milled log home that is above 900 square feet we are seeing turnkeys of about $165 to $175 per square foot now in Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnisota, and some other areas. Contact us to discuss your specific project needs. Prices of materials change due to market forces, trade changes and the political climate. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Then in the end he was upset with the builders because the home cost nearly $90 more per square foot than the original bid. The concept is appealing to log home companies who market on the basis of price alone: trumpeting deep discounts and seasonal specials with lots of fine print in the contract. For one home we built in Madison County, the cost of excavation went from $4,000 a final expense of $12,000. A good plumber will make sure your water and sewage stay where they are meant to stay, and do not cause tragic damage to you home. Here are some suggestions to make your project work even if you are dealing with remote property access or other issues such as elevated costs for bringing electric to the lot. So whether you want radiant floor heating, a wood stove, central heating or radiators, make sure to factor the price into your budget. This information is gathered from manufacturers and local builders that share data related to pricing, product specifications, and timeframes. Wells cost several thousand dollars, and septic systems will cost several thousand more, so plan for these expenses ahead of time. If the home is on the top of the mountain, you might not be able to get to it in the winter anyway. Park Model Cabins are, as you might have guessed, a mix of factory-built park model homes and log cabins. Turnkey pricing for log homes in Montana can be broken into two different categories: milled log homes and handcrafted log homes. So with only an extra day of clearing away snow, the basement was dug and the project progressed throughout the winter. There are no permits or added property taxes. SOLD. Other companies will sell a low cost kit with limited materials, increasing the build cost. The log shell about cost $28 per square foot. This included a full basement, permits, survey, excavation, utilities, concrete work, insulation, HVAC, kitchen, appliances, bathroom fixtures, landscaping, building contractor plus our complete kit (see our log home kit material list). With every building contract there should be allowances drawn into it. Despite these variables, we understand you still want a general estimate. Typically log home builders in Montana find the happiest customers to be the ones who do their research. If you add $28 per square foot to that you get $168 per square foot. Boundary lines are often not well defined, or sometimes you will be building on a new plot of land. As any homeowner or builder will tell you, it is necessary to account for costs other than the raw price of materials in you home. So be sure to do the financing from the start if a lender will be needed. In the long term, consider how life may change. In an attempt to better serve our customers and to provide the lowest accurate cost, we at Suwannee River are … If the ground is on a bench or on a mountain, you may encounter boulders and sheer rock. This is a whole lot closer to our above turnkey estimate of $165 per square foot, starting out, then when we took the log shell only and multiplied it out. The person pays a down payment to secure the mortgage, then pays monthly installments with interest. There are ways to still make your dream come true. These are costs that the builder has no control over. On this cabin pictured here we originally bid the delivery of the logs up to the mountains in Pony, MT. Another factor not always understood is that no matter if you call a log home a cabin or log home, they still cost the same to build. Townsend, TN 37882-0409. Looking for turnkey log home construction solutions? There is a perception that high cost equals high value, and while it is usually true, vendors will sometimes exploit it. 2) Consider if there is another location on the property that is easier to build on that you would be satisfied with. Often, a company will shave expenses by removing many options that are essential for a home to function. These examples do not imply that your project cost will be similar, but are provided as examples only. So the answer, honestly speaking, is “It depends.”. 12×34 Jefferson T Cabin Park Model – Turn key-“Model only” $ 35,995.00. Be very careful to have all financing in place and completed before any digging is done. We offer private facility tours any day during business hours. Lager diameters of 9, 10, and 12 are more per square foot. Either way, there will be a cost for parts and labor. You may need yard work or snow plowing during certain times of the year. Let’s take it one step further and examine the log home package times our variables above once more. Luxury Log Homes, Western Red Cedar Log Homes, Handcrafted Log Homes, Log Home Plans, Log Cabin Plans. PO Box 489 No results found. A dynamite blaster from a local mine had to be brought to the job site. Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes guarantees high quality and green building techniques. 3D Tours and photos may include builder and/or factory installed options. Deep Creek/McHenry, Md. Also ask them to visit the job site personally with you. This equation is not even remotely accurate if you are talking the log shell only. And once the details are laid out, many customers realize that the “bargain” low cost per square foot log package is not such a deal after all. If you are a developer looking to invest in log cabin homes built from custom floor plans, Naturecraft Homes offers some of the widest selections of cabin floor plans and designs that appeal to modern homebuyers. It includes things like excavation, utility hookups, appliances, stonework, and more.