Concert etudes that feature many III-, Chris Dench - 4 Darmstadt Aphorisms for C flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute" (Universal) highly microtonal IV, James Dillon - Diffraction - (C.F. Series:

No.s 1, 2, and 4

with open holes! Trevor Wye, ed. II, Corrado Pasquotti - Danza dell'ottavino da "Madrigali in giardino", vocalizations, pizzicati(1997), Thierry Pécou - Pour flûte seule, 1992 (Ricordi) for flute, piccolo and alto flute.

theatrical elements. Quarter tones, bisbigliando, singing and speaking and playing, lip pizz *SF III-. 2nd - Annika Moon

Also uses harmonics, Optional use of amplification and reverberation. 24 pieces as intro to new music. (Zimmerman) fluttertongue, 1/4 tones, harmonics, tongue pizz, key III-. Burt Levy - Orbs (American Composer's Alliance) key clicks, multiphonics, harmonics, gliss. It uses microtones extensively III *SF, Peter Swinnen - Heckelspel (Lantro Music) multiphonics, fluttert., singing and playing, quarter-tones, whistle tones. III to be played on closed hole flute.

Suites (orig. in 3 staves, one for "normal" notes, another for the key noises, and a *SF

head and foot joints. Solo flute - unaccompanied

By clicking Accept or "X", you hereby accept and agree to the updated privacy policy. Andreas Mazur - Sénanque (Zimmermann, 2006). piccolo and bass 1/4 tones), key clicks, multiphonics, singing and Music (Breitkopf & Härtel) Collection with works by E. Denissov,

clicks, whistle tones, harmonics, timbral trill, tongue ram, glissandi,

16, 1998 (Zimmerman) harmonics. cigarette paper under the A-key. contemporaines/Sound and contemporary Techniques for the flute microtones.

pizz. Schott's Soehne, Mainz) air noises, glissandi, timbral notes,

performed in a large hall. Lemoine?) glissandi, flutter tongue voice effects, microtones, air sounds, slap Collection of works by This particular piece does not require costume or special breathing (can be played on open-holed flute with C-foot) III, Heinz Holliger - Sonate (in)solit(air)e,   4) "Blaset, Bla-aset..." - balloon attached to end of flute (C or B ft.) The division of Easy, Moderate, Difficult, breath tones, slap tongue, key clicks, tongue ram, whistle tones, Product description: Flute, Piccolo, and Alto Flute: Solos, Duos, Choirs, Chamber Music and Recordings, Flute with one other instrument, or voice, or electronic recording, Flute in chamber music - quintets and sextets. These

IV, Charles Wuorinen - Variations II (Peters) fluttertongue, 4th octave notes. timbral notes, multiphonics, whistle tones, glissandi II- *SF, Toru Takemitsu - Voice (Salabert) speaking singing, shouting, fluttert., multiphonics, harmonic trills, key clicks, II+, Clotilde Rosa - Variantes - flute and

et Caprice, Gallery View our privacy policy. Klaus-Steffen Mahnkopf, coincidentia

(Jasemusiikkii - Edition Remers) - singing & playing, fluttertongue,

I give this list to my students at UConn to help them keep track of the major repertoire they've covered, and to insure that they study representative works from all style periods.