It has been consistently ranked among the top 100 computer science programs over the decades. [4] Deschutes hall is connected by a skybridge to the Lewis Integrative Science building. All-in-all Missouri S&T is a great school, highly recommended.Read 963 Reviews. All-in-all Missouri S&T is a great school, highly recommended. Minor programs are also offered. Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience with University of Portland so far. You can get the same education anywhere. Researchers from CCSP invented new approaches to defend against DDoS attacks, Ant Colony Optimization for DDoS Defense Published at AsiaCCS 2020, Researchers from UO with a new approach to detecting social bots win Best Paper Award, Adobe Research Gift to Support Professor Thien's Research, Police Hacking and the Investigation of Cybercrime. Select a value that matches your actual or expected total score on the ACT or SAT. I also attended the School of Business which has had a lot of online presence in terms of taking classes through that D2L and also our instructors are very well versed in the technologies used for us to be able to be successful online. the school refuses to send everybody back just for the sake of not losing money and they're putting their students wellbeing first, whatever that looks like. The professors in many cases have been in the private sector for several years which influences the way the classes are taught and in turn imparting more "real world" knowledge. It's a large public university in a small city. The tightly knit community is very conducive for close friendships. The yearly cost of how much everything was, was half of what my sister had to pay at her college. [7], The department offers Master's and Doctoral degree programs. Perhaps Willamette's most notable aspect is its outstanding professors! Contact information, related policies, and complaint procedures are listed Us students and faculty greet each other with nothing other than a smile. One downfall can be when the larger classes split into smaller groups throughout the week and a Graduate student teacher is in charge ( sometimes they aren't super helpful, sometimes they're- but you could run into this at any school). In 2015, 270 students graduated in the study area of Computer Science with students earning 238 Bachelor's degrees, 25 Master's degrees, and 7 Doctoral degrees. However, in many jurisdictions, ... Computer and Information Science. [2][3], Initially founded in 1970, Deschutes Hall was dedicated for the CIS department on Oct. 16, 1989 as the part of a $45.6 million dollar project with the Cascade, Streisinger and Willamette Halls in the current Lokey Science Complex.