Another thing that sets humans apart from their animal cohabiters is our use of writing as a means of communication, which has been a part of the human experience for more than 5,000 years. 34The main goal of government’s activities engaging public funds in energy sector is to secure energy supplies and (mostly by encouraging investments and restructuring of the sector) and to create environmental friendly behaviors and attitudes (educational campaigns and factors of legal and economic nature). If their products don’t follow the rules they will be excluded of market exchange and the producers will have to pay fines or will be a subject of other sanctions. So, even in high morale, employee-focused work environments, employees complain that they don’t know what is going on. Functions of government communication and public diplomacy. There can’t be any cooperation without exchange of information. 32For a long time the main limitation for energy sector has been strongly limited access to transportation infrastructure. 12They can be identified after an analysis of public administration’s tasks, so it is only natural they are similar to McClellan paradigm known also as the communications pyramid of public diplomacy (fig. According to the stages distinguished on the basis of several key concepts from Koster’s exchange model, the citizens were first informed about the implementation of a policy, and if they showed interest in participating in it they took part in negotiations concerning further cooperation. Do You Know Your Leadership Values and Practice Ethically? Effective communication requires all components interworking perfectly for “shared meaning,” a favorite definition of communication. They work in jobs in which they will face multiple demands from their agency stakeholders. It was the first attempt to introduce competition and market mechanisms to the sector. Ostrowski B., Kalecki i konkurencja niedoskonała, Gazeta SGH no 122 (32), no 123 (33), no 124 (34), Warsaw, 2000. 28When creating model of communication all the limitations should be taken into consideration. You will find the components of effective communication and the forms and uses of questions to enhance it. 4In the paper the author analyzed models of communications management in public sector in order to prove there is a link between these kinds of activities and optimizing economic processes. There is a plan to make prices of electric energy and gas totally independent from the protection of President of the Energy Regulatory Office. A solution to this problem was implementation of principles of unbundling and Third Party Access in accordance with EU directives. The George Washington University’s Elliott School for International Affairs Lindner Commons Room, The Contribution of Government Communication Capacity to Achieving Good Governance Outcomes, Rapporteurs’ Report, Washington, 2009. 28, no. providing information about economic activities of the state in the energy sector and implementation of corporate governance, especially about the issues regarding transport of energy. According to the concept free market can automatically achieve an economic equilibrium, price is a result of supply and demand game, no barriers to entry exists and each market participant has complete information about conditions of transactions, what enables to make rational decisions in mathematical way [Begg, Fisher, Dornbusch 1995, p.228-267]. Now, written or rhetorical communication is one of the favored and primary means of talking to one another — be it an instant message or a text, a Facebook post or a tweet. Is this the message you were giving me?". In practice, government’s agencies are strongly hierarchical. Communication is the act of sharing and conveying information between two or more individuals. The government lead by Donald Tusk during the first term of office has decided to improve the efficiency of Polish energy market through deregulation and privatization (it is written in government’s documents such as Polish energy policy till 2030, Privatization plan for years 2008-2011 and its continuation – Privatization plan for years 2012-2013). This will be allowed only by better access to information about conditions of transactions on the demand side. 45Nowadays most of public entities has its own departments responsible for creating and spreading information about their activities. The sender must present the message clearly and with enough detail so that the receiver shares meaning with the sender during and following the communication. Since the turn of 1980s and 1990s in many European countries took place a significant change in the approach to public sector management theory. A Public Information Handbook, New York, 1981. Even if it will be possible, social costs to pay by consumers seem to be huge. Monika Bogdał, « Communication management in public sectors: the case of the Polish energy sector », Comunicação Pública, vol.8 n14 | 2013, 7-23. The model includes six stages: ongoing public relations efforts, identification of and preparation for potential crises, internal training and rehearsal, the crisis event, evaluation and revision of public relations efforts, and interagency and political coordination analysis [Liu, Horsley, 2007]. For administration staff legal frames and political decisions are crucial [Walsh, 1994]. The delivery method must suit the communication needs of both the sender and the receiver for shared meaning to occur. Economic theories for a long time has favored perfect competition over other models of solving problems related to management in micro and macro scale. Wojcik K., Nurt krytyczny w teorii public relations. Grunig’s excellency model became the flagship of American researchers in the field of communication, sometimes called also as a mainstream. It is clear, public relations is crucial for supporting rationalizing public management. The hierarchy of needs depends on favored economic theories and policy adopted by a government. The most important factor distorting foundation of the perfect competition theory is lack of information about the market. When analyzing those who are involved in processes taking place on the energy market, it is clear that private sector and public sector coexists on two levels - national and international. In the second part of this paper what was previously verified in theory, was applied to Polish energy sector to where according to European law should be introduced perfect competition. 2Nowadays, with dominant neoclassical approach to economic science, perfect competitions still rules. Social negotiations and consultations are of key importance for these processes. A leader, Public Administration and Public Policy/136, Taylor & Francis Group, 2008. If a message contains just the written word (such as a text or email), the sender needs to be confident in its clarity, that it cannot be misinterpreted. 48An ex ample of coexisting public and private sectors is Polish energy sector. In fact, the first essay — coincidentally about speaking effectively — is estimated to be from around the year 3,000 B.C., originating in Egypt, though it wasn't until much later that the general population was considered literate. Email and IM emoticons/emojis, for example, are a poor substitution as the sender formulates them without input from the receiver.