Cindy is a director in our Customer Experience practice with more than 25 years of experience in contact center and customer experience. There are internal organizations and external customers, and today’s companies must find a way to bridge the gap between these groups. A senior manager in our Customer Experience practice, Jason delivers high-value cloud-based solutions built on the Salesforce platform. Meredith helps clients effectively accelerate their advantage in the market through customer experience. From invoicing and billing to social media support, every department plays a crucial role in a business’ customer experience. Simplification remains key for today’s businesses. Experts in CX, M&A, and Operations. Chuck is a director in our Customer Experience practice and a recognized expert in delivering Salesforce CRM solutions across a broad range of customer industries. A service excellence initiative involves self-service, which empowers customers. That’s why we take an undeniably different approach that does. We can help with that. We break down silos across business units, leveraging the right stakeholders and blend of strategy, operations, and implementation. 1.877.852.3500.

Lee is a director in our Customer Experience practice, our West Coast Salesforce practice lead, and a CRM expert.
Does it create value? Using a human-centered approach and an expertise in technologies like Medallia, InMoment, or Gainsight, we make sure yours don’t. Organizations that are not leveraging their data to build loyalty are missing out on potential revenue gains. This includes nearly a decade as a solution architect for enterprise-scale customer management solutions utilizing the and Siebel application product suites. He applies deep knowledge of customer management methodologies and metrics to define and align corporate customer strategies with business goals and to measure project success. AS. With clarity around what’s driving your customers’ experience, you can effectively prioritize which improvement efforts to focus on. West Monroe Partners reviews have an overall customer reference rating of 4.7 from 1027 ratings. He advises clients on how use strategy and technology to increase sales and profitability. With extensive financial services experience, Pramit helps institutions gain competitive advantage through modern, cloud-enabled business processes. These use cases, approaches and end results from real customers include 3 testimonials & reviews and 1 case study, success stories, reviews, user story & customer story. Watch West Monroe Partners Customer Videos, Testimonials & Customer References to decide if West Monroe Partners has the right business software or service for your company. Together, we can ensure your data enables competitive advantage and marketplace differentiation. Dan is a senior manager in our Customer Experience practice.

“Customer experience is really there to differentiate that organization amongst itself,” Patel said. The heart of what customers need now: Human connection and experiences, The Great Restart: 3 Customer-Centric Steps to Building a Strong Offense, West Monroe is mentioned in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide 2020, West Monroe’s Hubert Selvanathan is referenced in Forrester’s Design Your Customer Success Program To Drive Value For Your Business, West Monroe is recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Salesforce Service Providers, West Monroe is referenced in Forrester’s Build Executive Buy-In For Your CX Transformation, West Monroe is quoted in Forrester’s A Good Customer Experience Requires Workers To Be Digitally Enabled, New Research: Employers and Employees Agree There is an Upskilling Crisis, Both Want Managers to Be More Effective, West Monroe is interviewed for Forrester’s Five Steps To Enable Customer Experience Delivery, Delivering a superior patient experience built around ease and trust for MultiCare Health System. Customer Portal 2. Unreliable data originating from disparate systems can muddy the waters. Tarun’s experience spans a variety of industries, including software, consumer goods, insurance, communications, travel, media, high tech, and pharmaceuticals. These four key levers are ideal in improving overall customer effort and satisfaction: 1. A smart and effective data strategy is crucial to business relevance and survival in today’s data-driven world. We can help you improve productivity and optimize your pricing strategy while boosting revenue and margins—for example, streamlined loan origination through our extensive nCino expertise or effective quoting and billing capabilities via the Salesforce platform. 2016 Customer Care Leadership Forum in Dallas on Feb. 23, Argyle Journal © 2015 All Rights Reserved, Copyright, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use Information. Tim is an expert in improving how contact centers operate to support his clients’ customer experience strategy. We frame solutions through the eyes of customers, employees, and partners to identify what matters most to them—increasing the opportunity to generate revenue and capture market share through unique, differentiated experiences. Salesforce is more than a technology platform. “There is a direct correlation between improving that customer experience and growth.”. Read 35 testimonials, customer references, quotes and reviews of West Monroe Partners by real customers. Fifty-two percent of CX leaders say they have less than a year to demonstrate financial ROI from their efforts—or they risk losing additional funding. Tarun Patel is a director in West Monroe Partners’ Customer Experience practice. Customer success means ensuring that your current customers are getting their expected value from the services you’re providing. Today’s voice of the customer/employee/partner (VoC/VoE/VoP) programs and related capabilities can generate a wealth of data and insight about activities, preferences, and needs. We specialize in equipping teams that influence the customer journey with strong operational structures, top-down support, and connected technology systems so that they can focus on creating personalized, engaging, and value-based experiences—for every customer, every time. West Monroe helps health plans engage members proactively. Customer service also can help a business attract new customers to its organization, along with retain existing customers for an extended period of time. Jermaine delivers complex technology solutions that engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders and enable companies to accomplish more with less. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We then integrate and operationalize the insights discovered to enable employees and businesses to deliver a better customer experience. Vision, design, data, and operational change: key ingredients for a winning customer, partner, or employee experience that creates financial value. Customer Satisfaction. Together, we can ensure your data enables competitive advantage and marketplace differentiation. Tarun has more than 15 years of experience delivering business value through innovative technology solutions for Fortune 500 service organizations. Social media recruitment global sucess study, Social media recruitment sodexo... New York Gas Group 2002 - Gas Infrastructure for Power Markets, No public clipboards found for this slide. See which companies are customers of West Monroe Partners. However, this data is only as valuable as your ability to convert it to positive product, service, and operational changes that improve customer or employee experience. Deeply versed in all aspects of the project lifecycle from inception to production, Tarun possesses the strong blend of management, functional, and technical expertise necessary to deliver effective, results-oriented customer management solutions. Employees with enough knowledge and skills to manage and act upon customer data? Meanwhile, customer service is related to value, and a business that bolsters its customer service levels can boost the value of its offerings as well. We also maintain international alliances … High unemployment leads to loss of employer-sponsored health insurance. Passionate about building teams and developing West Monroe's next generation of leaders, Jeff has assembled our Dallas Operations Excellence practice. You know the stakes: Companies that implement CX strategies grow faster and capture more market share. And if a business lacks the ability to support today’s “always-on, always-connected” consumers, it may risk falling behind its rivals. 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iFactor Four Major Trends Driving Customer Communications and What Every Util... Salesforce for utilities powering a consistent customer experience. Read 4 nCino Customer Reviews & Customer References from West Monroe Partners. Today’s organizations must promote the value of people, process and technology across various departments to ensure all employees are on the same page in regards to the customer experience. Now What? Customers today want easy, intuitive ways to connect with organizations—at the time that suits them, and through the channels they prefer. Ben creates value by improving contact center operations. Outside-In Thinking. Leann is a Director in our Customer Experience practice, an accomplished client partner and engagement leader, and a Salesforce CRM expert. Faster speed to market with new features. Tarun earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. A way to ensure customer data is acted on and prioritized to improve CX and relationships? Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. By beginning with the end in mind, defining specific desired outcomes and the value you expect to create—everyone can stay focused on the “why” rather than the “what.”

Andrew has a proven history of delivering measurable results for his clients through novel organizing solutions. We help organizations achieve financial gains by crafting unique, meaningful experiences.

An established governance mechanism that creates accountability around CX quality? Because new technologies are becoming available every day, businesses may be able to leverage these innovative tools to bolster their customer service and customer experience levels. Find the expert you need. We gather and analyze data relevant to your objectives—using it to both establish objectives and measure progress along the way. Tarun joined West Monroe Partners in 2015 in the acquisition of Etherios, a division of Digi International (DGII), a publicly traded company with more than 600 employees in locations across North America, Europe and Asia. State of Mobile Customer Self-Service in Utilities, 5 Tactics for Promoting Utility Customer Self-Service Solutions.