The chili crab was extremely flavorsome! 5 answers how should i answer this question from recuriter when i dont have work visa for Singapore. Reach out to us for attractive wholesale supply rates of our premium Sri Lankan live crabs today! This chili crab is the prime example of how chili crab is to be done: sweet, tangy, spicy burst of flavors. ALL CRABS ARE WEIGHED BEFORE COOKING(LIVE). Our crabs are Sri Lankan sourced wild catch crabs. Well cooked dish! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Definitely will order this again! Established in  1994, we have been well known as a  seafood supplier. Prompt replies on how to order. Meat sweet and firm, very nice! Our fishermen at FatCrab have generations of experience in catching the best quality crabs, and you get the fat and juicy crabs! “, – Mon’s Diary, Singapore Top 50 Food Blog. It’s super addictive, sweet and savory. Bought many times. Crab was fresh and meaty, super addictive! This is why we’ve taken upon ourselves to uncover a list of places to buy the best of seafood. Treat your body and taste buds to only the best. support here is easier too. The crab was really fresh and the sauce was sweet and not so spicy. I’m addicted to the sweet, savory sauce! Excellent Chili Crab, it is on the sweeter note and its less spicy! The chili crab is a fine mix of sweetness and spiciness. The live crabs are then transported to our consolidation centres in 5 countries, where they are rested, washed, sorted and packed before getting on the plane or boat to their destination markets. Trust me that the crab was really good!”, – Xaavylicious, Singapore Lifestyle Blogger, “The crab meat is fresh and firm! Came across 8crabs by accident, the chili crab definitely didn’t disappoint. Started buying from them since 2 years ago. The sauce was well made, balanced with sweet, spicy and savory. Will definitely order again! The chili crab is really good. The crabs were fleshy and sweet, more substantial than some of the recent ones i ate. Chilli crab, black pepper crab, salted egg crab, crab bee hoon soup, white pepper crab, butter crab, cereal crab, baked cheese crab.... One thing in common - the deliciously sweet and juicy flesh of the mud crab. Will order again. While doing so, you'll find different paths and doors opening up to you. Stable live crab supply and prices. The chili crab sauce was packed with so many flavors. My first time trying and will definitely be back on a weekly basis. Strongly recommend. Suspected the food will taste unfresh as it was a little too quick. Palatable to my taste bud. Crab was fresh and huge! Natalia was also extremely helpful in assisting me with my order. affordably priced as compared to those on the apps. As exclaimed by Jia Hui, senior editor of Best in Singapore Blog, she recounts on how great the gravy tasted. Amazing chili crab made by the chef. Today crab very sweet. The delivery of the crab was faster than i thought it would take. The prices vary according to their size and they are all fixed, which means that you won’t have to worry about hidden charges when you cart out your order. The aroma of the chili crab was extremely fragrant. And it was truly Black Pepper Crab – the amount of black pepper was so generous that made me tear halfway through eating!”, “I think I devoured most of the content in this container hahaha”, – Love the Kisses Singapore Lifestyle Blogger, “I was really surprised when I saw that the prices of the Crabs start from $68 (800g). Great quality of Sri lankan crab used! used to go sembawang jetty.... but the crabs kenna catch until almost extinct liao :P (Closed every Monday). The chili crab sauce was great! Ordered last week and it came within 35 minutes. Recommended to other friends.Super customer service and smooth delivery to the doorstep! - posted in Lite & EZ: Hey guys, been thinking of going back to catching crabs (not the sexually transmitted disease).Anyone know of any good locations? The chili crab sauce was thick, sweet and savory. Therefore, they are: Why Does My Crab Weigh Lesser After Cooking? 8 Crabs is an award winning crab delivery and seafood delivery service serving Singaporeans island-wide. Here in Singapore, we often find ourselves limited to the measly seafood selection at chain supermarkets (no offence NTUC). Cooking crabs is easy if you know how to set every single essential condition right. We enjoyed the sumptuous feast especially the delicious freshly cooked Sri Lanka Crab!”, “The crabs were fresh with meaty and firm flesh. The crab was filled with sweetness and succulent meat. You can't control who your boss or colleagues are, but you can control your attitude and professionalism. It had plenty of roe and the meat was sweet! Complete your meal with some of these all time favourites by 8 Crabs – Crab Delivery Singapore, Medium(2pcs), Large(1pc), Extra Large(1pc), XX Large(1pc). The crab was extremely fresh. Evergreen Seafood Singapore is a leading live, fresh and frozen seafood supplier to restaurants, hotels and homes for over 30 years. Worth the money!! Page 1 of 3 - Singapore got place to catch crabs? Great piece of crab coated with well balanced sweet, savory and not so spicy sauce. The Sri Lanka crab we had was fresh and huge. I love the fact that the crab was huge and had so much meat around! Renowned crab graders have constantly given our crabs an AAA grade and we vow to never deliver anything less. Do you require assistance making an order or with an existing order? The crab used is extremely meaty, fresh and easy to eat as the shell is easy to peel. Everyone absolutely loved it. The rich and flavorful chili crab sauce was very addictive. Taste was full of flavor. Ocean Keris is a leading global player in the collection, consolidation, trading and distribution of the Scylla Serrata and other species of the Serrata family. The chili crab was fanstastic! Will order it again! Long Beach Seafood Restaurant Dempsey Review, Cooked from Live Crabs only, dead crabs are strictly discarded. Simply because they deserve it. Fresh grade of Sri Lankan crab used! I will definitely order this again! You’ve heard so much about it, and it’s finally time to pamper yourself to a deserving feast of a lifetime. Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Medium Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs. Definitely worth the try! The chili crab sauce was sweet, savory and less spicy. A burst of well balanced flavors from the chili crab sauce. Not much of a spice. The Sri Lanka crab is really fresh as well! Today, we have our own processing premises in Sri Lanka. The crab meat was sweet and juicy! The sauce for the chili crab was sweet and spicy, just the way i enjoyed it. Delicious chilli crabs, comparable to the ones at expensive restaurants. The crab is extremely fresh, the flesh plump and succulent. The delivery was quicker than i thought. It fuses well with the crab. Most reliable crab supply with collection centers in five countries. Everyday, hundreds of fishermen will bring their daily catch to our many collection points found in or near their fishing villages. There’s so much going on in the mouth as i had my first mouth of chili crab! The crab was fresh, infused with the rich, sweet and savory chili sauce! The chili crab was really great, fresh, the shell are soft enough to break by hand! Perfect blend of flavors! We understand how frustrating it can be to feel fooled by looking at a pathetically small piece of meat after de-shelling your crab. Tuesday - Sunday / 10 AM - 12 PM Singapore Crab Supplier - Global Crab Consolidator. Crab was really fresh, indulged with the sweet and savory chili crab sauce! Great price as well. Tried these guys when my cousins from Australia visited. The chili crab sauce was amazing! The food came on time and in order. For the past 7 years, we have grown to become a mud crab  specialist delivering fresh live mud  crabs directly to more than 50 popular  seafood restaurants in Singapore. The chili crab sauce makes it even better! A great quality of chili crab. The sauce was sweet, savory, not spicy, a well balance flavor infused in the crab! As it is a huge crab, it is satisfyingly meaty yet without being overcooked nor dry.”, – oo-Foodielicious, Awarded 10 Top Singapore Blogs, “Vera was for sure helping herself to the huge claw confidently without any help from us! A good quality of crab, huge and meaty. Stir fried to perfection with an Award-Winning Recipe to achieve a gravy of impeccable taste. Air Flown In Fresh . You’ve read the differences between wild catch crabs and farmed crabs. Get your freshest FatCrab to cook up a Shiok meal! 5 stars for this enterprising group! The chili crab was sweet, tangy and savory. Our mud crabs are air flown in daily from Indonesia, so you’ll always have the freshest crabs delivered within a day to your doorstep. Crab was filled with roe! Speedy and well done! Anyone know of any good locations? Full of flavor, fresh quality of crab! Our experienced chefs have come from 5 star establishments and we all share the same goal – which is to strive hard every day to make sure these meals remain a happy memory and experience. “, “The Chilli Crab we had for that evening was an absolute delight!”, “We really enjoyed the dishes from 8 Crabs Singapore. At 67 years of age, prompt customer service is much appreciated when making an order. Sick crabs or dead crabs that end up being cooked often taste horrible but can actually be covered up with the use of fragrant sources. I love it! For all that I grumble abt pap, in singapore it's really hard to starve so long as you're willing to work. The chili crab tasted amazing. Slightly sweet on the chili sauce but its not overpowering. Buy … The sauce comes in an extremely generous amount”, “Our final and honest verdict for the food from 8 Crabs is that it is a fantastic food delivery service for the quality of food they offer”, “The crab was fresh and meaty as described in the website with the chili gravy tasting exactly like how I imagined it to be, and simply awesome with the fried man tous! There were enough crab to go about a family of 4. Ocean Keris is a leading global player in the collection, consolidation, trading and distribution of the Scylla Serrata and other species of the Serrata family. The chilli crab gravy is a good balance of sweet, savoury and spicy. The crab was very juicy and fleshy. Get your freshest FatCrab to cook up a Shiok meal! I could really taste the essence of the crab and the well made chili crab sauce! The perfect balance of sweet, savory and spice from the chili crab makes it super enjoyable and tasty! The sauce was just mildly spicy, can be recommended to my western friends when they come over to Singapore. Confirm will order again! Some chilli crab gravy will make you wonder just where has the chilli gone, but not this. One of the best chili crab i have eaten. The richness in colour of our crabs not only indicate their freshness, but also emphasises the good health that the crabs have been in. Shiok Carbohydrates! Cooking crabs is easy if you know how to set every single essential condition right. To our surprise it was really delicious. Well cooked and coated in tasty sauce and gravy too. I love the chili crab sauce a lot!