Exchange rates are approximations based on recent exchange rate information and should not be relied upon as a precise invoice amount. • It is against Sotheby’s general policy to accept single or multiple related payments in the form of cash or cash equivalents in excess of the local currency equivalent of US$10,000. : +49 4331 56564 Service@WhiskyAuction.Com: Your entries for WhiskyAuction … Only two sets feature these labels: Set #1 will remain in The Macallan’s archives and Set #2 was presented in the Sotheby’s auction. During the live auction, if your Advance Bid remains as the leading bid, the auctioneer will execute your bid on your behalf in response to other bids. Sotheby’s must bear VAT on the buyer’s premium and overhead premium and hence will charge an amount in lieu of VAT at the standard rate on these premiums. The information concerns the most usual circumstances and is not intended to be complete. Bidding at the Live Auction Following any applicable online bidding period, bids may be executed during the live auction in person, on the telephone or online via an Online Platform. Online bids are made subject to the Conditions of Business applicable to the sale and the Additional Terms and Conditions for Online Bidding, which are published below and can also be viewed at At the roundabout take the third exit signposted Harrow and Sudbury, A4127 onto Greenford Road. Prospective bidders should also consult for the most up to date cataloguing of the property. This is intended for guidance only and all bidding will be in Pounds Sterling. Cautionary Notes Sotheby’s will not entertain any price negotiation or credit after the delivery is made and returns will not be accepted. Additionally, there is a risk of cork failure in old wines and spirits which must be taken into account by the potential purchasers. London No act, omission or delay by Sotheby's shall be deemed a waiver or release of any of its rights. The auctioneer has discretion to vary increments for bidders in the auction room and on the telephone but bidders using Online Platforms to bid may not be able to place a bid in an amount other than a whole bidding increment. Whisky offered at auction is sourced globally, through our network of international offices. These items are in bond. Unless notified otherwise at the time of sale, EU residents will receive a duty paid invoice. We are a truly international auction and have an extensive network of buyers and sellers from around the world. inc. premium, I have read, understood and agree to Bonhams. In such instances, the compensation Sotheby’s will pay the irrevocable bidder is allocated to the lots for which the irrevocable bidder is not the successful purchaser. Sotheby’s Greenford Park Fine Art Storage Facility. We aim to achieve the best prices in the auction market, and offer some of the lowest delivery charges and fastest payments in the business. Copyright © Whisky Auction Ltd. 2020. If the irrevocable bidder is advising anyone with respect to the lot, Sotheby’s requires the irrevocable bidder to disclose his or her financial interest in the lot. Once it commences, a live auction is by its nature fast-moving and bidding may progress very quickly. There may be restrictions on the import into the United States of certain items originating in sanctioned countries, including Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Sudan. Sold for We also sell a wide range of rare fine wines and spirits, miniatures and whisky memorabilia. (b) Where the Bidder is bidding on behalf of another person or acting as agent (in either case, for the purposes of this Condition 9(b), the “Agent”) for another party (the “Principal(s)”), the Agent warrants in its own capacity (in addition to the warranties set out in Condition 9(a)) that: (i)  the Principal(s) is not a Sanctioned Person(s) nor owned (or partly owned) or controlled by Sanctioned Person(s); (ii) the funds used for purchase and settlement of the lot(s) are not connected with, nor have any link to any criminal activity, including without limitation tax evasion, money laundering, terrorist activities or other criminal activity and that the arrangements between the Agent and the Principal(s) of the lot(s) or otherwise do not, in whole or in part facilitate tax crimes; (iii) the lot(s) purchased by the Agent or the Principal(s) is not being purchased for the purposes of, or being used in any way connected with, or to facilitate breaches of any applicable tax, anti-money laundering or anti-terrorism laws or regulations; (iv) the Agent has conducted appropriate customer due diligence on the Principal(s) of the lot(s) in accordance with all applicable anti-money laundering and sanctions laws and regulations and the Agent does not know and has no reason to suspect that the funds used for settlement are derived from or connected with proceeds of any criminal activity including without limitation tax evasion, or that the ultimate buyer(s) is under investigation, or has been charged with or convicted of money laundering, terrorist activities or other criminal activity; (v) the Agent consents to Sotheby’s relying on the Agent’s customer due diligence, and the Agent will retain for a period of not less than 5 years the documentation evidencing the Agent’s customer due diligence.