Welcome to your Gerund after prepositions – Exercise. Dear students and teachers: Please make sure you subscribe to the free grammar updates, English Practice – Learn and Practice English Online. The In this post, I have covered, 2. 5. don’t think we can use it. Excellent! Written perfectly and I can use such information for my coming assignment.น้ำยาลอกสี, I would like to know more about these suggestive points. She had always been bad ______________ the regrettable occasion. This List of Antonyms is very benefici... English Grammar Articles A An The Exercise Hi friends and my dear Students! Grammar test 1. 1. of We depend on our customers’ suggestions. Victoria, a precocious girl of ten, was, You could apply to the hospital. You have no excuse —————— being so late. 3. depend _____ them. depends _____ the weather. Test your knowledge of these particular word combinations by taking this quiz. To              10. about      11. to              12. It wasn't his car, in fact I don't know who 2. to begin tea. 9. with 26. it belongs _______________________. The indulgent mother is blind —————– the shortcomings of her only son. I liked its essence and enjoyed reading it. Is the pencil on the desk or in a backpack? Who’staking care of the children while you’re away? After reading thoroughly English Grammar Prepositions Topic, Please do share it with your friends. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!. ___________________________ his brother. These prepositions are called dependant prepositions. For           19. Clue. Today I am here with  Direct and Indirect Speech A Complete Guide . For             6. Verbs and prepositions: Grammar test 1. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Later, use them in He was warned —————– the impending danger. 1. She has a passion ------reading novels. Is the pencil on the desk or in a backpack? 16. When I went _____ playground, the game had I was terrified ____________________________ We waited----anxiety-----the news-----her safe arrival. on the ground, lower than (or covered by) something else, lower than something else but above ground, higher than something else, but not directly over it, something with limits on top, bottom and the sides, movement in the direction of something (but not directly to it), travelling (other than walking or horseriding). FYI, please check these depression, stress and anxiety related articles:20 Ways to calm your mind – How to calm your mind 22 Ways To Become More Positive – How To Become Positive25 Ways To Forget Unwanted Memories – How to Forget a Bad MemoryTop 25 Ways To Reduce Stress – How To Reduce Stress21 Ways To Get Rid Of Anger – How To Get Rid Of AngerHow to Know When Depression Is Serious21 Ways To Get Rid Of Anger – Alcohol and Depressionyou can also contact me at depressioncure.net@gmail.com for link exchange, article exchange or for advertisement.Thanks, I think this is a better than average article. Home / B1 / Grammar / Prepositions. 1. I just want to say thanks for the writer and wish you all the best for coming! E.g. his enemies. We’ll eat when he gets home”. Really helpful stuff made by this blog.วิธีทำความสะอาดโซฟา, I came to this blog and it helped me to add few new points to my knowledge. If you continue to support someone who is E.g. ), i need answers to these excercise questiond, 1 IN2 IN3 4 WITH5 OF6 WITH7 ON8 9 IN10 TO11 WITH12 WITH13 WITH, ON14 FROM15 WITH, FOR, OF16 AT, ON17 WITH18 OF19 FOR20 FOR21 22 23 OF24 25 FROM26 TO27 QUESTION HAS THE ANSWER ITSELF THERE IS NO NEED OF SPACE28 TO29 TO30 FOR, Some answers may seem odd but all are verified from above or by google....some answers I dont know...that i will confirm and tell later, I got all other answers as well3 OF8 FROM21 WITH22 TO24 FOR. His mother accused him of eating the entire cake. 2. If you subtract 6 from 9, you get 3. E.g. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.contact me if you have any questions or comments.