Yellow Journalism ActivityIn this activity, students will gain an understanding of yellow journalism and how it is still used today.          ♦ Joseph Pulitzer ), US History Interactive Notebooks Bundle: Colonial America to the Cold War, Spanish American War Task Cards and Activities Bundle, Spanish American War Task Cards Activity (Yellow Journalism, Rough Riders etc. 2 Answers.          ♦ Cuba Yellow Journalism Complete the graphic organizer using the information from Site 1 . Vocabulary Words: Not, “The Ashley Gazette”. 2. Students may research or show what they have learned by writing different facts on the provided blank lines about each Historical Figure and Term associated with the Spanish American Wa. Yellow Journalism- Assignment # 5 The Spanish-American War is often referred to as the first "media war." Provide two pictures of the event. Notice the word choices in the headlines. There are two parts t . The teacher hangs the set of pictures on the wall. Remember, you want each title to include alarming Or sensational words that would prompt people to buy the paper and find out more. Another example is... headline: OFFICER SCOTT BEATS MR. MIKE....article: talks about how officer scott beats mr. mike to a parking space in the school parking lot. It can't be about like stds or anything though. They also wanted to influence people of the United States at the time that war with Spain was necessary; therefore, they exaggerated all the war details and the war stories of what the Spanish were doing to the Cubans. I'm in 8th grade. The resource is available in both print and digital formats! This assignment has students create a newspaper on American imperialism topics. Retrieved November 13, 2020, from, To What Extent Was ‘Yellow Journalism Responsible for Instigating the Spanish-American War of 1898?” Assignment, Muckrakers: Investigative Journalism and Meat Inspection Act Assignment, Merrill’s Arguments in “the Professionalization of Journalism” Against Professionalizing Journalism Assignment, Enhancing school sex education programs Assignment, Planning Cold War Gorbachev History Assignment, Analysing the Profitability and Liquidity of Super Assignment, Water Pollution with Sollution Assignment. 407 results for yellow journalism activity. Relevance. After completing this lesson, students should have an understanding of how the Spanish-American War propelled America into a, This walkabout / gallery walk enrichment activity includes 20 short secondary-source readings covering topics in the Gilded Age/Progressive Era, and 20 primary- and secondary- source images covering the corresponding topics. This can be hand-drawn, from a current newspaper or magazine, or from the internet. And I need help for an idea. ), Social Studies Task Cards Bundle: Ancient, World, American History and Geography, Spanish American War Activity/ Word Search (Yellow Journalism, Rough Riders etc), Social Studies Word Search Bundle: Ancient, World, and American History, Spanish-American War - Yellow Journalism Mad Libs Activity, Yellow Journalism Creative Writing Activity, Yellow Journalism and Clickbait Headline Project for American Imperialism, Spanish-American War Stations Activity (PDF and Digital Formats), US History - 1877 to the Present - Station Activities GROWING BUNDLE, Evaluating the Gilded Age Kinesthetic Activity for US History, The Spanish-American War Distance Learning Activity, Full Year U.S. History Course Distance Learning Activity Bundle, Spanish-American War - Highly Visual PPT and Comic Strip Activity, The Spanish American War Activity/ Crossword Puzzle, American History Crossword Puzzles: Revolutionary War, Pilgrims, 13 Colonies etc, Yellow Journalism (Spanish-American War) Gallery Walk or Distance Learning, The Spanish-American War Interactive Notebook Activities with Primary Documents, Yellow Journalism Creative Writing Simulation (U.S. History). SCENARIO 1:  United States newspaper justifying U.S. war against Spanish in Cuba to the American people. Write two articles using the Yellow Journalism style. There will be no war. It should be based on facts, but exaggerated and distorted to make Americans sympathetic to the Cuban revolution.          ♦ Platt Amendment Students can work on their analytical skills in determining what is fact and what is sensationalized in news artic. In this assignment, students create their own "yellow journalism" about an event that occurred during American Imperialism.