So because seemingly so many R7000 AC1900 users are experiencing functionality issues after updating to the latest firmware, the only resolution it appears, is to downgrade again or do what others have claimed, buy a different brand of router. How many devices have you got using 5ghz WiFi at any given time? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Due to COVID-19 we are still experiencing unusually high call volume.

So, I am sticking with something that works. The problem here is, that even if anyone from Netgear bothered to sit down and read through this Community forum and discovered that there are seemingly lots of R7000 AC1900 router owners who are consistently reporting issues with 5ghz WiFi dropouts, then there's owners like me, on the newest latest firmware that have not had any issues whatsoever. Worked like a charm nd I am now back up and running thanks to you!!!! Any suggestions on how to fix this? As you have also said, some components are bound to have changed in that time. •   RMNET: Close to 4Gbps.

5G Stopped appearing on my devices as an available network. NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi 6 Router (RAX120) - AX6000 Wireless Speed (up to 6Gbps) | Up to 3500 sq ft Coverage & 30+ Devices | 4 x 1G, 1 x 2.5/5G Ethernet Ports | 2 x 3.0 USB (Renewed) … then it should at least come with either v.64 or v.88 out of the box. In any respect, it's simply unacceptable that there are R7000 users out there who are consistently suffering with the same issues. I don't doubt there is a problem somewhere, but it clearly isn't affecting every single R7000 AC1900 owner, so how Netgear are going to resolve an issue that doesn't affect everyone, is going to be interesting. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. My R7000 has stopped broadcasting the 5g network on all my 5g capable devices. Log into Router > ADVANCED > Administration > Backup Settings, Press the [Erase] button....  don't worry, its there (grin). The system asked whether I wanted to install older version - once I confirmed the process as as smooth as with any other firmware version change. By the way, I now have both 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks available, just not internetavailable. I would definitely try using the latest firmware first, then if it fails, use the old firmware if possible. 2.4Ghz doesn't seem to be affected since I used it as a fallback.

See if this restores the 5Ghz broadcast. During the course of my 9-10 hour shift, the connection drops around 5-7 times only for the 5Ghz, and needs about 1-5 minutes to get back up. We are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that the best possible service is provided to our customers. Is it a geographical issue? Whether you’re constantly on the move or looking for an alternative to in … Hard to believe they can't get simple 5gz working with their firmware.

Netgear folks are you able to share any progress on providing a fix for this very important issue that is impacting work and people's livelihood or should I just resign to that this product is not worth the time and go buy something else? It's still showing up but unable to connect to the internet. Namely, the 5GHz band provides faster throughput for network transfers and network media streams, but by nature … Also, what country are you based? 30 mins., plugged it back in and the network still doe not show on my other devices but on Netgear genie it states that I hsve 2 devices connected to 5g, but the device doesn't show the 5g networh for me to connect to. No one however really wants to talk about or try to explain why some of us aren't having any problems with the new firmware because well, there's nothing to talk about I guess.

... NETGEAR R7800 - Voxel Firmware Switching: 2x NETGEAR 8-ports (GS108v4) / 1x NETGEAR 16-ports (JGS516v2) ... After a year of using this router, I didn't realize that the mobile app wasn't really logged into the router's …

I noticed this within the last few days, but before that everything worked. It could also mean you're potentially leaving your router exposed to security problems. It may be that rolling back to an old firmware version will have negligible effect when it comes to security. Manage your NETGEAR mobile routers from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. I took the same steps as @stelthlion68 but continue to consistently have the problem. Mine was purchased April 14th and it needs the 42 version to work with 5g. Thank you very much!!! Fearing another 5G v. 5GHz confusee, Iwas afraid to ask. I bought mine in Dec 2019 and have been having this issue since 2 weeks ago. @rpzky8  Well this isn't really going to help you any, but welcome to the club of all of those R7000 AC1900 users who also state that they are suffering exactly the same issue you are experiencing. I got my R7000 two days ago, shipped with and I did have the 5Gz drops every few hours. Get the User Manual.

As you have only just purchased the router, have you registered it with Netgear for the complimentary 90 day support?

The ROI is proving to be moving in the direction of a sunk cost for a device that is not cheap. AT&T has a new Netgear 5G hotspot, and this time it is allowing anyone to buy it.

I've had it almost 3 months now and it does exactly what I need it to with the plus of course I'm not having any WiFi dropout issues. CM2000-> Arris AX11000 W31-> GS716v2-> WAX***-AP, Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router. I was almost led into thinking that something went wrong with my hardware, when the culprit all along is the firmware. You can always know who’s on your network. The Nighthawk® 5G Mobile Hotspot Pro from AT&T upgrades your mobile broadband experience with WiFi 6 and incredible 5G blazing speeds. No one can answer that question. Re: How do I turn off 5G on my AC1900 r7000 router? Talked to Netgear support and they have nothing. Sounds like you're almost there. A hardware issue with an unspecified number of routers? I noticed this within the last few days, but before that everything worked.

The duration of the drops were much shorter though. No one knows for sure, but the more this crops up, it might appear that this is an issue that seems to affect older R7000 units. Is it just a marketing thing? You are already on the list. Read. In my past experience, Linksys killed my router with a firmware upgrade (and there were no open source options). Simply connect your Nighthawk M5 Mobile Router to your existing home router to deliver 5G speeds throughout your home. The installed FW remains unchanged, but any settings made since update or inital set up are erased. What firmware do you have right now?

Solved: How do I turn off 5G on my AC1900 r7000 router? Why have two bands? Based on all the advice, I downgraded to the .42 firmware and I've been rock solid for about 36 hours.