I made these and they came out perfect. Everyone loved it. I always come back to your chocolate cake recipe and have shared the recipe link with friends too. I kept checking with toothpic every 2 minutes after 25 minutes mark. Just dust it with flour before adding them so that they do not sink at the bottom. I baked it for a few more minutes than 35 but not more than 40 minutes as after the 28 and 35 minute mark, the toothpick came out with batter and just so you know, i bake mine in a convection microwave option, so is it anything to do with that?? If you are layering the cake .. filling and frosting then you may choose to brush the layers with syrup though not needed. the texture was fabulous and the kids polished it off in less than 24 hours. It turned out perfect. Then proceed further, Hi Khushboo, yesterday I made this chocolate cake for my daughter’s birthday..It came out so soft and moist..thanks for the really failproof recipe . Looking forward to see more nice recipes. How much ghee should I use? Hello Shakthi, I hope this reply is just in time. Hey khushboo, Syrups are not recommended in this recipe as it will imbalance the liquid. 3. I am glad you liked it. Bake in preheated oven for 17-20 minutes. . Hi Khushbu…making this cake for my daughter’s bday .. Please do something, I really wanted to try for the cake also. Wow a trillion thanks is a lot!!! wow,that was super quick,,,thank you so much for the fast response and fantastic tip,,,will definitely bake it for my sons birthday party and will let you know how they come out..thanks once again. So once again you don’t have a single reason not to make it. possibly my daughter’s help did play a role Thank you Poonam, I haven’t tried to alter this recipe to make it a vanilla cake yet. Line a 12-cup standard muffin tin with paper liners. Always here to help. After going through some cake recipes, I thought of trying Eggless Mango Chocolate Cake with Almond Crunch (it’s already reviewed). Thank you, Richa. The time mentioned varies depending on the oven and pan size and pan type used , hence the toothpick test. Also pls guide me on baking time.TIA, May I know how many servings are you looking at , 9*13 pan will use 1.5 times this recipe or you can bake twice the recipe as is for two layers – time ranges from 25 -35 minutes .. toothpick test always, Hi Divya thanks for an amazing recipe, the cupcakes came out really well.Just a question- do you think this recipe would work as a base cake for a chocolate truffle layer cake or would it be too moist to work with ?TIA, Ambika , This is Khushboo .. you have mistaken me for Divya .. yes its pretty sturdy for chocolate truffle cake , I use it all the time , always refrigerate the base before working with it. Your recipes are so good and detailed and with so many substitutes that it becomes very easy to follow the recipe. It was my baking debut and your detailed instructions, substitutions and candid tips were most helpful. A big fan. I haven’t reused Troplite. Check after 30 minute mark , and not 25. Only wanted to knw if we forst it with whipped cream n store it refrigerator will the cupcake turn hard. This is a no fail recipe. After frosting store it in the fridge. just perfect for each and every occassion and it is so simple even to put together!! Thanks for reaching out Aparna. i did a mistake of preheating the oven only for 8-10 mins. Hey Khushboo, Thank u so much for this recipe. ?, will it still yield the same result or shall I prepare in batches using the recipe notes.. Add the eggs one at a … I need to know few things here . Hi Khushboo, loved this eggless chocolate cup cake recipe dear. You may halve the recipe for a small one 6″ round cake. This recipe is great for beginners or first-timers, plus, it tastes perfect even without a single icing, I actually tried buttercream but the cake got way too sweet so i just had it like that and believe me, they were a hit !! Hi, vanilla extract, granulated sugar, salt, powdered sugar, large eggs and 3 more. If you haven’t checked out my existing eggless vanilla cake recipe then do try it. The only unfortunate thing about this baking experience is it’s six years too late! Thanks again… Please give me a perfect eggless red velvet cake recipe… I don’t use eggs in recipes. Thanks a lot for it. What I did notice is that the moment I added the vinegar to the milk it curdled but that’s expected I believe. I tried this recipe today and it came out preety well, loved it, my previous cake always used to be dry but this one came perfectly. I have done it so did my readers. That is sweet Bharti. Thanks a lot.. Can I bake this is pressure cooker? This will soften butter cakes. they are risen that doesn’t mean they are done . Any idea how I can convert this into something else or fix it as I made a big batch. Was the baking soda fresh. It depends on oven to oven too. Grams and ml. May I know the pan size used and the time taken to bake. My question is I need to make a 3 layer 10inch cake. A non baker can also make this cake v easily. Vinegar won’t kill it . Thank you for your time on writing such a detailed feedback. Thanks Khushboo for this amazing recipe. Yes this recipe can be substituted with wheat flour with a slight variation in texture of course. I followed the recipe to the t and am amazed at the results. Sometimes with wheat flour you need a few more tablespons of liquid to get the consistency. I will try out cake next time. Any vinegar works here Nidhi , I have used them all . Thanks for a lovely feedback. Yes this recipe is very sturdy for a 1/4 sheet cake. If I were to use ur recipe in a 9×13 inch cake pan should I double the ingredients. Drop in the pictures as a message on my fb page carveyourcraving. Loved the way you explained each step. Saw your wonderful bakes Shveta! You can’t get wrong. Family loved the cake! It has never happened to me. Thanks for this..next time will use regular flour. Pure vanilla extract is amazing. I have made this reciepe a lot of times and it’s become my goto receipe. Wow , fantastic Queen . It has worked perfectly for me and so many other readers.Lets try to resolve it. Omg this recipe is the simplest delicious cake, i tried it as cake and i use microwave to bake it just for 7min and it turns out the best moist and delicious cake. I did check out your vanilla cup cake recipe.. but I don’t have baking powder.. what I can use for a substitute ? Yes khusboo you where right my cakes where undercooked. Lets work it! I baked them in microwave…convection mode, glad to know that u liked them , i suggest you always use liners for your cupcakes or grease and dust your silicone molds well before filling , pop them out gently after 10 minutes of cooling by loosening the sides, Hello Ma’am I am new to baking i want to try Your Cupcake Recipe but There is a problem That i Don’t Have a Blender can i make These without it and also can u please Suggest me a recipe for 6 cupcakes as I am going to Try it for The First Time Thank You in advance☺☺, Hi shalom , you can use a hand balloon whisk , just half the recipe for 6 cupcakes, Thank You So much Today m going to try this recipe as a cake and do d frosting with whipped cream i wanted to knw d steps for preparation of a cream cake Tia, I didn’t understand your question Shalom , you mean whipped cream frosting process- if yes , refer to my stabilized whipped cream recipe or youtube videos , its a standard process, Hello M’am I tried This recipie to make chocolate cake for my Friends Birthday The cake was tasty but the problem was That it was too dense nd while Frosting it with whipped cream it broke into pieces and as i was going to surprise her with the cake i had to arrange the pieces on the 1st layer And also The Batter was Too Thickeven after adding water Can You Suggest Why did This happen And what precautions can i take as i am planning to make this cake again. Hi khushboo, thanks for the recipe, cake cup cakes came nice and risen, but .the only.thing is the top crust is but hard , I.kept the oven to 170 ° for 15 mins, kept in.the pan.for 5 mins and then placed on.rack. I dont remember how many times i have made this cake. I’m going to try them again with store-bought buttermilk next time. The cakes were moist at initial stages of being baked but when i removed them after 20 mins they were hard. Tia. Thanku soo much khushboo … Keep thiss yumminess coming through your recipies ♥️, Thanks Khushboo, it’s really a NO FAIL RECIPE. Hello Suchi, yes everything slashed into half including the baking soda. Kashmira, I have a mango chocolate marble cake on the blog. And how long did you bake it for. this is dv again,the cup cakes came out really yummy,my son loved it,but i have another doubt.it would be great if you could help me.my cupcakes were not leaving their cup cake liners,in fact half the cup cake was stuck to the bottom and the upper part of the cup cake was coming off(i even greased the cup cake liners). For standard cupcakes check around 15 mins mark. It won’t affect the taste. Texture difference will be there. Made from simple everyday ingredients, this easy cupcake recipe will be your new favorite. You can use 2 cupcake pans side by side that will yield 24 cupcakes in total. My daughter has made it so many times and it has never failed ..all her friends colleagues love the cake. Hundreds of comments here says it all. thank you so much for sharing fantastic recipe. need to know to help you better, Hi khushbu.. I have baked this in a 9″ pan several times . Let me know your thoughts. I have shared the recipe with so many of my friends . Anshika .. cracks aren’t an issue as such.. they go away the next day or are covered with frosting. Yes you can Mansi! I also piped the buttercream using ur tutorial for duo tone. That’s sweet Mamta. Thanks . Even my husband who does not even look at anything sweet, said so and ate a real big portion . Yes Bijal, you can bake this cake in a pressure cooker. this recipe is exactly what you have titled it to be…the best eggless chocolate cake everrrrrr. I couldn’t come up with better lines. No baking powder used – Don’t shut down your screen please. Let me know the results. Vinegar reacts with the leavening agent here i.e baking soda and gives you the best fluffy soft end product . Like it was a store bought cupcake mix!!!! They came out really very well. You can use any kind of nuts to make it as a chocolate nut cake. Awful awful awful. Hi, thank you for the recipe! Sure you can Swati. All measures are given in the post Ankita. Please advice. Loved the simplicity of the cake, the style it was all explained and the pictures- all in all, superb! hi I was wondering can we use oil instead of butter in baking cookies? Hello Khusbooji, I tried this recipe as my Christmas cake and I have to say it was over in a jiffy and loved by all. It doesn’t have a temperature setting of 180. I do bake occasionally and I know that adding too much baking soda can give a soapy taste/ smell which is why I was careful about the measurements. Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe? Your email address will not be published. You may double the recipe for the same. Add vinegar to milk and let it stand for a minute . You can store the remaining batter in the fridge till the first batch is cooking . But nothing came as perfect and easy as this one.. For once I felt so happy for having baked such a perfect cake.. Just felt that the sweetness was a little less.. Hello Sandhya, thank you for your lovely feedback. Does this happen with this particular recipe or others too? I am so glad I found this recipe.. It tasted good , Hi Khushboo , I tried these cupcakes today and they came out very well .