Write a scene composed mostly of dialogue with a child talking to a stranger. 11. These are bound to make you a better writer if you focus on doing a variation of them daily. Your mission is to show the child as heartbreakingly cute. Pingback: Writing Exercises for Adults That Can Help You Write Better. Have the character describe the object in a way that convinces the reader of its beauty. Please log in again. Have your character faced with a decision witness a rare, awe-inspiring event, and describe how it helps them make their decision. Combine the three most interesting ones to describe a character as she goes grocery shopping. 23. How does your character respond when someone close to them has this illness? “I remember…”Start a paragraph with, “I remember…” and let your memories dictate what you write. A formidable yet inspiring list. Write a personality-revealing scene with a character inside a public restroom. Have a man cooking for a woman on a third date, and have her describe the aromas in such loving and extended detail that she realizes that she’s in love with him. There aren’t “answers.” You create responses to these exercises. Any free creative writing exercise that focuses on figurative language can aid your writing immensely, as it helps writers add insight and emotionality to their work. Write a mini-story in the first person. Take on the persona of someone with a different gender, different nationality, and different age. You’ve now created the basis for your first book. Write a poem where each line has six words. Thank you so much for the detailed suggestions focusing on HOW to put the WHAT into practice; really helpful & inspiring. Write a story or poem from the perspective of an object: a statue, a doll, a roomba, etc. Now write a second version where you convince the reader (through describing the object alone) that the character is mentally unstable. Find the 7th book from your bookshelf (or digital library). I read your comments, then scrolled down to glance at the list of 50 exercises. 39. 29. 27. Cut out interesting words, phrases, and images from a magazine. 1. 26. Track your mood and emotions throughout the day. Write about two characters angry at each other, but have both of them pretend the problems don’t exist. Find two or three exercises or creative writing prompts that appeal to you and start a regimen for 15-20 minutes a day. You’ve completed a full run-through of your writing workout. Open it up to page 7. You will enjoy experiencing the joys of creative writing … These creative writing exercises will help you overcome those obstacles. Instead, have them fight passive-aggressively, through small, snide comments. Write without using adverbs or adjectives. Write a first-person POV of a character under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and try to make the prose as woozy and tipsy as the character. Every week and every month. Do they brag about the size of what they’ve just dumped off? John Fox, you have some excellent resources, and I thank you. 6. 38. Read a favorite poem, and write your own poem in the same poetic form. Prompts look sissy when compared to this, frankly speaking. Give your character an extremely unusual response to a national tragedy like a terrorist attack or natural disaster. First 19. What about this idea would surprise the friend, upsetting what he thought he knew about your main character? yes,thank you . Describe two characters having a wordless conversation, communicating only through gestures. Here are 7 Creative Writing Exercises for Writers. They are highly specific, more specific than creative writing prompts, and much more specific than story generators. Describe a first. If you guessed characters, then you’re right. My Hero is going to be side swiped in my Cozy. I run a small writing group and we’ll be trying some. The George R.R. Write an entire page describing the exact emotions when you learned of a happy or calamitous event in your life. Describe a character walking across an expanse field or lot and describe how he walks. I was side swiped on a state highway here in Virginia a couple of weeks ago and, although the damage was minor, the sound of that big SUV “glancing” off my little car was SCARY!!! Describe a character’s bedroom in such a way that it tells us about a person’s greatest fears and hopes. 22. Follow your stream of consciousness. So, your exercise is very timely. Your exercises are just what I need to kickstart my writing day. 31. But I also think any of these will help you create a narrative, and a plot, and help you generate all kinds of dialogue, whether for short stories or for novels. Every day. Pick a simple object like a vase, a broom, or a light bulb, and write a scene that makes the reader cry when they see the object.