Castello , , Safal Tropicana. Pristine Besides, we’ll utilize our coolers (used primarily for carbonated drinks at retail points) for Tropicana so that it’s sold chilled even in smaller markets.”. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | , , Chabaa Peppy Orika , Under The Mango tree , , We’ll aim to make Tropicana available across 250,000 retail outlets, 2.5 times of 100,000 now by the end of this year. Theobroma , , Tropicana 100% Mixed Fruit Juice. Colombian Brew Coffee , Tetley Kolln And to kick start a day, nothing works better than a glass of this energy booster. Tropicana. Cote D'Or , , Aashirvaad MTR , Frooti Meatzza This campaign was released by the brand in the year 2015 promoting the fact that a glass of Tropicana juice in the morning with breakfast is a very healthy habit. , KBC farms , Opera Wingreens Farms Mars , , Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad. Veeba Bingo La Carne Nutella Ferrero , Sip your. Top Fresh Kimia , , , Fruits are an important part of a balanced daily diet and provide the body with nutrients which are good for healthy living. , , Raw Pressery , Eden Farms Epicure , Boursin Enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste of mixed fruits! , , Kansal Agro , Aasai Tropicana Mixed Fruit Delight Juice (Mixed, 1000ML) price in India starts from ₹ 75. , Uttam , , , Protinex This year, PepsiCo announced that they want to double the business of Tropicana by the year 2020 as there is a drastic fall in the aerated drinks business as the consumer has shifted to drinking and staying healthy. , Keggs , A serve of tropicana 100% Mixed Fruit Juice has as much goodness as 9 fruit nutrients from an apple; The tetra pak makes it easy to carry and use the product with ease; No sugar is added which makes it fat free and cholesterol free; The 9 fruit nutrients added, revitalize the body and awaken the senses; No color is added to the juice Tropicana is known to have more than 70 types of juices under their brand of which, most prominent is the Tropicana Orange Juice. Rajdhani Check reviews, specifications & compare price from Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm Mall of different Tropicana Juices. #DidYouKnow – Tropicana not only makes juices, but also makes Smoothies!