stable in use, and less prone to tuning and intonation issues. Facilities include a resource centre, rehearsal rooms, a demo room (production suite), a recording studio and a Live Performance Venue. also means the set-up is very simpler because there is no need for springs at bridges such as Ibanez Floyd rose equivalent. To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to : Lance has what people in the drumming community call Gospel Chops. hassle is worth it. Since her return to South Africa, Louise and her band launched their very successful debut album “Chasing the Wind “ followed by a second album “Swallowed by the City” which was produced by music legend Theo Crous of the Springbok Nude Girls. A synchronised tremolo is a floating bridge most commonly seen on fenders. They date back to 1951, so they’re even older than the synchronized bridges! used by many brands such as, tune-o-matic and the synchronised tremolos. This venue is actually two in one: the Live and the Lounge areas. I wish there was more to say about hardtails because I really enjoy their convenience and ease-of-use. But, considering how little some of the more well-known models including the Les Paul®, Stratocaster®, and Telecaster® have changed over the years it stands to reason that those early innovators got a lot right with the electric guitar. It is a perfect partnership of tone and perfection. Very similar in design to the 6-Point system, however this bridge uses two points on either end of the bridge, as opposed to six all the way through. The These are, without a doubt, some of the most popular types of bridges, especially for metal guitarists. Finally, Fixed Guitar Bridges vs. Tremolo/Floating Bridges. used on 1954 Les Paul Custom. This apparatus often consist of two pieces – a tailpiece which has adjustable screws, and the actual bridge which contains the saddles. In the majority of cases, the choice of the bridge goes hand in hand with the design considerations of the guitar and is complementary to the tone and design of the guitar. This type of design does, however, create problems when it comes to tuning stability. Not a lot has changed with regard to the design of the popular Fender Telecaster®. Generally we separate guitar bridges into two categories – electric guitar bridges and acoustic guitar bridges. From hard-tails to floating trems, it can be a bit confusing at first glance. In fact, the hardtail was the original type of bridge for Fender guitars, until Stratocasters started using syncronized tremolos, which we will discuss later on. It’s raw, personal and real. There are