The 2001 tour earned over $90 million, becoming one of the biggest tours of the year. "[21] It was announced that the beginning of the PopMart Tour was to feature stadium shows in 62 cities throughout North America and Europe, beginning in Whitney, Nevada, on 25 April, and ending in Seattle, Washington, on 12 December. U2 is the best live band,can't wait to go to the 360 show at the Linc. The band lost their timing on the song "Staring at the Sun", stopped playing partway through, and then started over. The Zoo TV Tour was a worldwide concert tour by rock band U2. The official U2 website with all the latest news, video, audio, lyrics, photos, tour dates and ticket information. [7], During the middle of the tour's first leg, MSN launched U2's first official website, [7] Initially, the band announced they were looking for sponsors to support the tour,[8] but they later decided to instead use a single promoter for financial assistance. Current tour, The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 In markets where the average income was low, tickets were sold for a lower price, which was enough for the band to break even, but not lose any money in the process. [13] The idea for producing another video-based tour gained much interest when Fisher and Williams were determined to create the largest video screen in existence at that time. was released exclusively to members of U2's fan club, which featured 14 of the 25 songs from Mexico City on one CD. [32] Out of the 12 songs on Pop, each song was played in full at least once, with the exception of "The Playboy Mansion", which was only featured as a snippet several times at the end of "Where the Streets Have No Name". [44] The lemon malfunctioned again at a show in Sydney, and was not used at all, [45] and also malfunctioned in Osaka, Japan, where the band were again trapped inside but unable to escape through the back. [8] To get the album ready for its March 1997 release, the album's recording sessions had to be finished by the end of December. Sie war die Tour zu dem im März 1997 veröffentlichten Album Pop. [47] [48], Like the band's previous Zoo TV Tour, PopMart was another huge success in terms of revenue, grossing US$171,677,024. A total of 55 different songs were played throughout the tour and 17 of the 55 songs were played at all PopMart shows. There a sheet fell off exposing a huge disco ball that lit up the stadium in spinning lights while the Perfecto Mix of "Lemon" played over the PA. "[43], Disrupting a few shows, technical problems also arose throughout the tour. PopMart - Tour of the Tour. [36] It was performed solo by The Edge who frequently introduced the song during the final legs of the tour by stating that the band had "rediscovered" it in Sarajevo. U2 had dressed as the Village People in the "Discothèque" video, and this willingness to mock their serious image continued during PopMart. The EP features four live tracks from the band's PopMart Tour and was released towards end of the second leg of the tour on 8 and 9 September 1997. The band had booked the tour before the album was finished, and with the planned November 1996 release pushed back until March 1997 to finish the album, valuable tour rehearsal time was lost. Their lyrics, often embellished with spiritual imagery, focus on personal and sociopolitical themes. The tour primarily visited North America with dates in Japan proposed, but never realized. The fourth leg of PopMart almost looked a little different. A double 12-inch single of U2 remixes was distributed in Canada,[23] and a CD single of various songs taken from U2's studio albums was released by a radio station in Mexico. Sleski Stadium in Chorzów, Poland was replaced with the Sluzewiec Horse Track in Warsaw. Site © 1995-2020 U2 Songs. [2] Because the dates for the tour had already been booked, the album's release could not be delayed any further. U2 stage designer Willie Williams and stage architect Mark Fisher began developing the PopMart Tour in late 1995. Bono proposed that the mirrorball should be used as a vehicle in which the band would travel over the audience and onto the B-stage during the show, while making reference to the Parliament-Funkadelic spaceship. Untill the show start. [56] Released around the same time were the various "Beautiful Day" singles, which featured the live versions of "Discothèque", "If You Wear That Velvet Dress", and "Last Night on Earth,"[57] the latter of which was also featured on the "Elevation" single. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is a song by Irish rock band U2. Those songs were often followed by an "Edge Karaoke" slot, in which The Edge would sing The Monkees' "Daydream Believer" or a similar song against a cheap karaoke CD, complete with lyrics shown on the giant screen. SIGN IN / SIGN UP. Approximately 45,000 fans attended the show. [1] On 20 September 1997, the band performed in front of over 150,000 people in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and set a new world record for having the most attendees at a concert for a single performer. Eventually, the album was titled Pop , and Williams dubbed the title "PopMart" for the tour. "[53], In December 1997, the two PopMart Tour concerts in Mexico City were filmed for various future video and audio releases. Leipzig, DE / Festweise. [59], In addition to the recordings from Mexico City, live versions of "Please", "Where the Streets Have No Name", and "Staring at the Sun" from Rotterdam, as well as "With or Without You" from Edmonton, were released internationally on the Please: PopHeart Live EP , [60] and later on the "Please" single in the United States. After another brief break, the band would return to perform "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me", their single from 1995 for the Batman Forever soundtrack, followed by "Mysterious Ways". KatzMuzik. "[51] The Edge said that he was "very proud of [Pop] by the end of the tour. You must be a logged-in member to add comments. Several months were spent experimenting with and demonstrating the capabilities of LED video. The end of each main set featured "Please", which segued into "Where the Streets Have No Name". The video screen required time for repairs which ended up causing an entire concert in Raleigh, North Carolina to be cancelled. Eventually, the album was titled Pop, and Williams dubbed the title "PopMart" for the tour. The song touched on several themes, including moral confusion and the future of European society. 45,000 people attended and effort was made to make sure all the ethnic groups were present. The additional shows for Lisbon and Rome were announced on June 10, along with several changes to venues for other shows. [14]. This set list is representative of the tour's average setlist as conducted by, which represents all concerts for the duration of the tour.