With the army-style look and precision, this bike is one that will never … Renegade Commando Classic is a fabulous bike at an affordable price especially when you get a cash back;). Its other feature like USB charging is also doing well when you go on … Sie überzeugt mit ihrer unkomplizierten Bedienung und einem sicheren Fahrgefühl im Sattel. It is beautifully styled and gives off a retro feel every time you take a seat to begin your journey. Mit einer Leistung von 13 PS liegt sie unter dem A1 Limit, doch der Drang nach Leistung ist nicht der Grund, weshalb man die Renegade Commando 125 … Fazit: United Motors UM Renegade Commando 125 Sehnt man sich nach Entspannung im 125er Segment, könnte die UM Renegade Commando 125 genau die richtige Wahl sein. I have been riding it for around 10 months now and apart from the minor problems which I have faced on my last bike, nothing major. Every journey will be filled with an excitement and sense of freedom that is very difficult to come by in our day and age. The UM Renegade Commando 125 is one of the classiest motorbikes that you can buy in the current motorcycle market. The best thing about this bike is the comfort and pick-up, it is very high, its height is I guess around 1350 mm and 200 mm of ground clearance.