Even those that are born in Grace who are being misled into keeping the Law are still under Grace in spite of what they are taught. We need to ACCEPT through faith the free gift of God’s grace – He doesn’t force it onto us. I wasn’t shocked that they didn’t accept him as such, that is not a new concept, but I was startled that they used His own words as proof of this. The bottom line then becomes how will they believe if they do not hear?…, I say you can add all you want to the simple message of the Gospel, but be very careful. You did it again! For more on this I would encourage you to read my post “What was Last Adam’s greater work?” and the related study note. Jesus not only saved everyone 2000 years ago, but he also healed everyone 2000 years ago. Not only is Jesus the savior, but the only way to truly “breathe more easily” is to put one’s faith in him, “for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12; cf. If you have studied the subject and are honest, you will have to admit that the doctrine of “eternal torment” did not become the prevailing doctrine on the matter until Augustine and Jerome oversaw the corruption of the faith once delivered to the saints into a twisted doctrinal pretzel when Constantine became a Christian and Rome became the center of “Christian thought”, and a myriad of pagan teachings became entwined with the truth of a gospel so simple that a little child could understand it. But even though I believe this I would still tell the story of the finished work of the cross before I would try and scare them into salvation with hell. We applaud Rev. A relationship based on love is always through mutual consent of both the parties involved. Did you know that Luke was not a disciple of Jesus, but Paul’s disciple, and also he was not Jewish, he was a Roman? And in fact God made the world through Jesus and for Jesus (Colossians 1:16). The Gospel in Ten Words So if the Father is not judging and the Son is not judging, then who is doing all this condemning that is sending people to hell? The first is that Jesus said it himself. The idea that God is behind everything that happens is not Biblical. The peace promised in the gospel, he says, utterly transcends the relativists’ “anemic” vision of non-hostility. Part of our error in sending a “wrong message” to unbelievers was in suggesting that salvation is just a ticket to Heaven for fire insurance. Even a Christian can get dispirited these days. My take is that he’ll is an absolute. We were told it will. Drawing on statements by Pope Francis, the document identifies two key obstacles to belief present in modern culture, described as a radical individualism that smacks of “neo-Pelagianism” (the resurrection of an ancient heresy) and a subjective understanding of God that eliminates the concrete reality of creation and the objective requirements of the moral law. The Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, Edwards proclaims, is a historical event. Two questions that those who promote this doctrine can’t answer you is this: He went looking for the lost sheep, just one of hundred, but He went looking for that one. You were bought with a price. Even items that are advertised as “free” come at a price. How are we going to condemn any behavior if we believe everyone merely responds to the prompting of “the god within”? First, though Edwards addresses all the necessary aspects of salvation at some point, he never combines them to make clear the response his readers should have to Jesus’ unique saving act. Short version: Please do keep commenting but let’s all play by the same rules. Let’s remember the story of the creditor who forgave those who were indebted to him. Jesus proclaimed Himself the Savior; and instead of ignoring Him, the Jewish and Roman authorities in Jerusalem took Him seriously enough to kill Him. Edwards points to numerous biblical images, all of which testify to Christ’s unique role as the world’s only Redeemer. Therefore, you belong to Him! 1) WHEN did you receive the Holy Spirit? Rev. Most simply do not understand the tremendous price that was paid—why it was necessary that someone pay it—and the intended goal. This exclusive view has been challenged in recent years by a view known as pluralism, which says there are many paths to God or Ultimate Reality. You read scripture with the view that the creator is in competition with the creation, no wonder you are so confused. Thank you for all you do!